13 reasons series

I know this has been an age old topic that why you should watch 13 Reasons Why. There are a number of reviews, blogs and spoilers all over the Internet describing the reasons why one should watch this awesome series. In this piece of writing, I am just going to sum all them up adding some twist of self opinions, so who didn’t watch this series yet may want to have a try.

Among all the good things that happened in 2017, the release of “13 Reasons Why” is one of the best, especially when you are talking about TV series. On 31st March Netflix released this new exciting and hit show named “13 Reasons why”. The story of this series starts with a suicide of a teenage girl and the 13 episodes describe the 13 reasons why this young girl had no other way than committing suicide. The story is based on the teenage life where the main characters are school-goers. It is a complete package of stories where life of teenagers and their parents, and surroundings are being visualized in details.

In this popular series, the whole story is being narrated a 17 year old girl, Hanna, who actually committed suicide before the series even started. What were the reasons were described in 13 tapes and each side of those tapes contained one reason. Everything started with simple fun which is pretty normal for the kids of that age. Mocking and fun turned in regular bullying for Hanna and day by day those grew so gross that the girl couldn’t bear it anymore and commits suicide. The reasons why you should watch this important series are pointed out below:

  1. School or college life has been described through so much small details that everyone would get idea about what that life looks like from the inside. Starting from passing notes in the class to the washroom graffiti which are a common scene in high-schools.
  2. How a simply bully or making fun of others affects life and makes it unlivable in the end was shown step by step.
  3. Parents are often seen complaining about the kids who start to distance themselves at this age. But it is not the fault of the kids only; parents sometimes fall behind to keep track of their fast growing children, especially when they need them the most.
  4. How children build up over confidence about themselves considering the position and power held by their parents and eventually misuses it and end up doing imperishable crimes.
  5. Life is different from everyone’s perspective. You may not notice but others may be hurting inside sitting just beside you and you can have no single idea about that.
  6. Friends are a important portion of the school or college life. But if you get acquainted with wrong person can make your life a piece of hell.
  7. We consider school or college as a safe place for our kids. But are those places really safe for them?
  8. This series also make you think about your small deeds which might have hurt others. This self realization part of the show is just awesome and quite helpful to rectify our behavior.
  9. Depression becomes contagious at that age. If you are a parent of such kids, you must watch it to figure out where you need to put more effort so that your child remains safe and sound, both physically and mentally.
  10. The eye opening message about negative companion, teenager’s changes in behavior and life at school for teenagers are the highlights throughout the series.

Besides all these ethical and personal improvement points 13 Reasons Why works as a rectifier and shapes the personality and characteristics of teens which is really important for the world. so if you haven’t watch this series so far, don’t wait and grab a bucket of popcorn and start watching it. It has much more to offer beyond just entertainment.