If you are also one of those who have become addicted of taking painkillers, you should read the following meaningful content.

There are numerous researches about painkilling medication that proves ill effects on your heart, brain, and kidneys. Despite having these harmful effects, why do people take them? People simply take them to get instant rid of different pains. A pain hinders the daily workout of a person and they try their best to get relief from the pain so that he may fully concentrate on their work.

Here are valuable reasons to stop taking painkillers.

Increase the Risk of Heart Attack
“Keep a healthy heart so you won’t be apart from this beautiful world”

Your heart is one of the most important organs of your body. According to a research by heart.org, more than 17 million people died of heart diseases this year. The report also warned that the death toll may reach to 23 million by 2030. In this scenario, it has become a duty of every individual to give proper attention towards the heart and remain away from anything that can cause a heart problem.

It is generally accepted throughout the world now that if you take painkillers in excessive quantity, they may cause different heinous health issues, and a heart problem is one of them. A study conducted from some researches from Copenhagen University Hospital, Denmark, a substance named “Ibuprofen” (that is present in pain killers) can increase the risk of heart attack. Considering this, it’s better for you to keep yourself away from these kinds of pills that can hurt your heart.

Causes Kidney Damage
Whatever medicine (drug) you take, it is released into the blood stream and reaches in the kidneys. After getting filtered by the kidneys, the drug is eliminated from the body. During this process, the drug leaves pretty bad effects on your health and especially on your kidneys. It causes some allergic reactions in the kidneys and becomes one of the major causes of kidney failure. For a person, it’s really important to take as care as he can when health is lost, everything will be lost from your beautiful world.

Leads to Depression
Depression is one of the most common problems that the world is suffering from. You can easily find a number of people in your surroundings who are the patients of depression. There can be a number of reasons of depression and a pain killer can be one of them. Remember, depression is much more than feeling down and you should pay extra attention to yourself so that you may not become a victim of it. It’s a serious illness the needs to be cured timely before it hinders in the daily life of a person. There are a number of things that cause this weird chemistry in the brain, including genetics, stress, different medical conditions, sorrow, and many others. One of the main reasons that can lead you to depression is the overdose of pain killers. There are a number of researches published on some reliable resources pointing that painkillers can lead a person to depression. By using the severe pain killers like opioid analgesics, you hold your health at a greater risk of developing depression.

Can Make You Addicted
Drug addiction is a worldwide issue that has made millions of life hell across the world. From a beggar to a university professor, people from all the areas of life are becoming prey of different drug addictions. The misuse of painkillers has also become an alarming situation in the United States. A new federal study shows that prescribed painkillers are being used more than tobacco in the United States. In this scenario, you can’t afford to rely on any painkiller available in your surroundings because once you become an addict, you won’t be able to stop yourself taking the drug again and again and your life will then also be addicted.

Here, by reading the above devastating effects of painkillers, a question must have come in your mind “What to use if not painkillers?” the best you can do is that when you have got a pain in your body or when you have got an injury, you better use a natural pain relief creams or spray that not only provide instant relief from a pain, but also contains no side effects. Remember, when health is lost, everything is lost. So, taking care of your health should be on the highest priority in your daily life.