Do you have an ISO management system in place? Are you aware of the need to update your system when revisions are published?
Changes were made to ISO 14001: 2004 environmental management and ISO 9001: 2008 quality assurance in 2015, and you now only have until September this year to implement them. It is important you act swiftly to maintain your accreditation.
Quality Awareness Training
Your first step is to contact an ISO training centre – such as Standard Consulting in Brisbane – and inquire about environmental awareness training courses and quality awareness training.
Let’s take environmental awareness training courses first. These are designed to help you understand and implement the changes that have been made. Both half and full day courses are available and there are no pre-requisites or examinations.
ISO Standards are reviewed every five years to keep them relevant. ISO 14001: 2015 has been updated to respond to the latest global business trends and remain compatible with other ISO systems.
Improved Environmental Performance
Like many of the ISO updates, there is now a much greater emphasis on good leadership and a new communications strategy has been added. There is a focus on improving environmental performance and adopting lifecycle thinking.
To bring the system right up-to-date, more proactive initiatives have been added to protect the environment, including climate change mitigation and sustainable resource use.
ISO 14001 now follows the same common structure as ISO 9001 and other systems, to make integration easier and cheaper.
Meeting Customer Expectations
ISO 9001 is the Standard that helps organisations become more efficient and customer-orientated. It has been revised to better reflect increased globalization and customer expectations. The biggest change is the new structure, enabling ISO 9001 to be successfully integrated with other ISO systems.
Risk-based thinking is now the most prominent feature, helping businesses deal with organisational risks and recognise opportunities. Again the focus is on sound leadership, as well as supply chain management.
Organisations accredited to ISO 9001: 2008 need to familiarise themselves with the new system, implement the changes and organisation appropriate training. You have until September 2018.
Benefits of ISO Certification
By organising environmental awareness training courses and quality awareness training soon, you will be able to retain your ISO certification. There are many benefits to holding ISO accreditation, for all types and sizes of organisation.
It helps your business become more efficient and productive, which keeps you one step ahead of your competitors. It also makes it quicker and easier to spot and rectify problems.
Research shows that ISO accreditation improves brand recognition, reputation and customer satisfaction. Customer needs are better understood, making it easier to meet expectations. And with improved communication, it is also easier to train new staff.
Act Now
If you are looking to become a supplier, or to bid for public body tenders, ISO accreditation is often compulsory. It will certainly give you the edge over other bidders, as it shows you are complying with current legislation.
Contrary to what some SME owners think, ISO management systems and certification have been shown to offer huge benefits to smaller businesses. So, whether you are updating your existing ISO management system, or thinking of changing to an ISO system, now’s the time to find out more with awareness training in Brisbane.