Printer Paper Types, Specifications, and Tips to Buy

Well, you have succeeded in buying a good printer for your printing jobs, but what about the printer paper? Paper types are just as complex as printers. Remember that the kind of paper you choose to use in your printer can make a lot of difference in the final print quality. Understanding the paper types and the differences between the varieties of papers available in the market is critical to ensuring fine print quality.

When most printers use A4 paper size, it is easy to go to a hardware store and ask for a printer paper A4 size. Usually, the shop owner will provide you with the paper in their ready stock without understanding your specific needs and the printer type. There are many types of printer papers, and each has its own strength, weakness, and intent of use. However, the printer you are using comes with the specification of paper to be used and can include more than a single type. Still, you need to understand the types of A4 size paper to help you choose an alternate paper type.

Standard paper types allow a printer to deliver a broader range of projects and can ultimately save money on your hardware. Read further to understand common printer paper types and how to choose according to your requirement.

Bindal Fine Prints Copier Paper A4 Size 70GSM

Types of Printer paper and its Specifications

Types of Printer Paper

A4 Size printer paper for daily use can be divided into two major types: laser paper and Inkjet Paper.

  • Laser Paper: This is the most common type of paper. This paper is specially designed for office use and is suitable for the daily printing cores, including printing invoices, memos, letters, and other office-related stationary. Laser paper is primarily available with a slight matte finish to help speed up the drying process, ensuring that there is no smudging.

B2B Multipurpose Copier Paper A4 Size 80GSM

  • Inkjet Printer: This paper type is available in different variations, including glossy finish printer paper or smaller size paper. The main defining feature of an inkjet printer is how the paper absorbs ink. This paper is slightly thicker than laser paper and provides crisp images. The most common uses of inkjet paper are for printing color documents, photography, greeting cards, and other documents that need sharp images.

JK Copier Paper A4 Size 75GSM

Specification of Printer Paper

To understand what type of A4 Paper may be the best choice for your use, you need to understand paper lingo. Knowing about paper vocabulary will help you see what you are purchasing.


A ream of paper is a package containing a standard amount of A4 paper size sheets. Usually, you will find a ream with 450 to 500 sheets of paper. So, reams are a unit for quantifying paper.

Printer paper is sold by individual reams and also in cases. One case may have 5 to 10 reams depending on the supplier. You can also find ream-less cases that have around 2000 sheets not separated into standard reams.

Trident Royal Touch Copier Paper A4 Size 80GSM


GSM is a short form of grams per square meter and indicates paper density. The actual weight of paper is measured in GSM and influences how a print will look, along with the feel of the printer paper.

The most common A4 size paper weight ranges between 70 gsm to 80 gsm. Lighter paper comes with a lower price point and fulfills the demands for daily office printing. Moreover, lighter paper is easier to work with most printers and prevents frequent jams. But, paper with low gsm won’t stand away with gravity and tend to curl down. Also, it is not good at absorbing ink, and can bleed through when printed on both sides.

Heavy paper can be an expensive choice and is most suitable for printing letterheads, business cards, greeting cards, and other such office stationery. 80 gsm is the standard weight for most office printing needs. It is ideal for printing as it has the right thickness and ink absorbing qualities.

JK Red A4 Printer Paper 75 GSM (1 Ream/500 sheets)


A paper’s opacity refers to the amount of light that can pass through a paper. Also known as translucency, and determines the brightness of paper. However, opacity plays a critical role only when double-sided printing is needed.

Opacity or brightness is measured on a scale of 0 to 100 and affects the sharpness of printing. Most printer papers are in the 90s on the opacity scale.

You can quickly check if your paper is too transparent. Just hold in under a light, and if the reverse side is visible, the paper has low opacity and is less suitable for both side printing.

Trident Spectra Printer Paper A4 Size 75GSM

Determine Your Printing Needs

Knowing your printing needs is an essential step toward selecting the right printer paper. Look out for the various factors for the documents that need to be printed. Know whether printing requires images, diagrams, and sharp printing features, then go for a heavier paper like 80 gsm + at least. While if your office requires extensive printing, including everyday documents, invoices, purchase orders, etc., consider a paper that is more than 70 gsm.

Lotus A4 140 GSM Snow White Cartridge Paper (Pack of 25 Sheet)

How Many Reams Should You Buy?

A box of A4 size paper contains about 5 to 10 reams, and one ream has around 500 sheets of printer paper. So, with a pack of 10 reams, you will have 5000 sheets of A4 paper size. Now, according to your printing volume, you can easily calculate the total number of reams you need per month.

Trident 75 GSM A4 Size 2500 Sheets Copier Paper (Pack of 10)


When we talk of A4-size printer paper, the first thing we like to consider is the cost. However, there are other factors also that are equally important. If you are looking for a quality paper, visit the Industrybuying site, and find an array of printer papers of varied thickness and opacity while paying wholesale prices. Apart from A4 size paper, you can also find a range of printers and other equipment available at the best prices at Industry Buying.

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