The Digital world that we live in, the survival without the amenity of the Internet is not even remotely perceivable. We rely on the Internet for so many reasons, that it is practically impossible to imagine life without the said amenity. Various innovative inventions in technology have raised the standard of life undoubtedly but also it has its drawbacks if we see both sides of the picture. Internet for instance, like every other facility, has its pros and cons, and a positive and a negative side. You really need to strike a balance when it comes to the usage of a certain amenity because as they say, it’s the use or abuse that makes a thing good or bad. As a general rule, we all know that excess of everything is bad, so the excess use of the Internet is also bad. And especially when you have subscriptions to the best ISPs in town, you have a heavy Internet usage by all the family members. For instance, Buckeye Cable Internet usage is quite heavy as per their customers.

This is true that the Internet has revolutionized our lives in ways unlimited. And not only has it facilitated us in so many fields of life but also has changed the way we looked at things. And has caused major shifts in various things and activities, from live communication to social media and novel texting and calling Apps, from in-store shopping to online modes of shopping, from spending hours in the libraries to using online modes of research with amazing forums like Google. But at the same time, it has cons as well. Let’s discuss all these in this post.

Pros of the Internet Age

  • The greatest benefits of the Internet are in the work and professional fields. It has aided largely in education along with the work spheres as well. The concept of distance learning is one powerful example, with which a massive number of people have better studying opportunities. Similarly, access to millions of books online and other research forums online have further facilitated people to better learning.
  • Another example is connecting people. With novel texting and calling Apps such as WhatsApp, FaceTime, Skype, Internet has connected our families and friends. Also, social networking forums such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat also connect and update us with our loved ones.
  • It has facilitated us with easy modes of online shopping, instead of wasting time, energy and fuel in our stores’ visits.
  • As for the provision of entertainment is concerned, the Internet provides us the necessary dose of entertainment every day and that too of our preference through online streaming Apps and sites. Be it music, movies, shows or any other form of entertainment, you have many choices to pick from and enjoy the entertainment of your choice on your personal gadget in the comfortable zone of your bedroom perhaps, or wherever you like.
  • The Internet has reduced our hassle in many ways. Take the example of traveling, the Internet has facilitated us to book your air tickets, hotels and even cab as per our schedule and budget through easy-to-use and handy Apps and sites such as TripAdvisor,,, and the likes. Thus, facilitating our globetrotting experiences.
  • With innovative Internet-based Apps such as Google Translate and the likes, learning and communicating in different languages has become a piece of cake.

Cons of the Internet Age

  • The addictive nature of Internet has caused us to remain glued to our gadget screens and this has hindered the live communication among people and especially in children, teens, and youngsters, the trend of outdoor activities and sports is becoming redundant. Rather they remain glued to their gadgets which is definitely a con of the Internet.
  • The Internet also has affected live communication with the families and there are very few families where the tradition of sitting together over a nice TV show is still in practice. Thanks to the Internet-based modes of entertainment and streaming Apps.
  • We feel that forums like Google and Bing have reduced the creative faculty of people by providing them easy answers and information on every possible thing. The amazing practices of book-reading are also becoming redundant, because of the online modes of reading and getting information.
  • In online modes of earning, some people just go beyond the decent and acceptable level of pranks and practical jokes in an attempt of gaining more likes, comments, and subscribers for their channels and hence earning bucks. This viral trend is not very recommendable and commendable because it causes discomfort, offends people, spread poor etiquettes and sometimes even cause fights, loss, and accidents. Heard of those parents who pranked their own children to earn more through their YouTube channel and ended up being jailed and also had to hand over their children to the authorities, guilty of mistreating and mentally torturing their children through these unacceptable pranks and shaking their confidence? That’s exactly what we are talking about.
  • Too much exposure to the screens is generally not very healthy for us.


Striking the right balance is the key to a healthy and balanced life. As far as the positive use of the Internet is concerned, yes it should be used and people should avail all the benefits of it. But overuse and using it for wrong purposes, or unhealthy use of the Internet not recommended.