Who doesn’t want to look perfect? Looking flawless is more of a girl thing and women love to look stunning almost everywhere they go. But having that sort of look is something really hard to manage especially when you are running late for your office or parties. As life gets busier, there is always short of time to have a perfect makeover.

Most of the time women struggle with their hair, the most important part of their outlook. Somehow it takes the vital portion of time to have a perfect hair style. But maybe this is the end of all those struggles as Polytree has brought to you a bun maker which lets you to make a perfect and beautiful bun within a blink of eyes. This bun maker gives your hair a French bun look by twisting your hair through it.

Polytree Women Hair Bun Maker is a two piece bun maker which actually looks like a single piece before you snap. All you need to do is to make a pony tail and pass your hair through the bun maker. Then the fun part begins which is twisting or wrapping your hair! Finally, fold the bun maker and get the perfect French bun you have ever wanted.

Polytree Women Hair Bun Maker is really easy to use and anyone can use it. It doesn’t need professional training to tie your hair. Moreover, it takes a few minutes which ultimately lessens your stress a lot and you get more time to have better makeover. This bun maker is made of synthetic hair and has spring material within to give you a flexible bun ensuring the best comfort. Polytree Women Hair Bun Maker comes in 6 different shades of color. So you can choose the perfect shade which matches the best with your hair. The bun maker can make a bun of any hair type. Whether you have just four inches thin hair past your shoulder or a thick wavy one, you can make a wonderful bun using this one.


Having a bun doesn’t need any specific occasion really. You can make a bun for an indoor party, shopping or for going to gym classes. You can decorate your bun to have a ravishing party look too! Or you just can relax in your cozy place at home and totally forget about your hair for a while. This awesome Bun Maker will cost you only $2.25, which is the best price in market and there is no shipping charge. Per package includes 1 bun maker. You can also order Beige color Magic Foam Sponge Donut Twister which is often ordered along with the Polytree Women Hair Bun Maker for $12.24 in total.