Mussoorie is one of the most fascinating and interesting hill stations that you will come across in India. Not only does it garner a lot of tourist attention but it also offers its guests some of the most breath-taking views of the foothills of the Himalayas.

Mussoorie is quite famous as a hill station and receives plenty of tourists throughout the year. There are plenty of four star hotels in Mussoorie which provides for a more than comfortable stay. So Mussoorie is one of the places to which you can easily plan a trip. Once you do plan a trip to Mussoorie, you need to identify first the places of interest in this hill station. Here are some of the places in Mussoorie that you ought to check out:

  1. The Gun Hill: This is a very famous viewpoint in Mussoorie. Viewpoints are everything when it comes to hill stations since these places offer a beautiful view of the hill station in general. The Gun Hill is particularly famous because it is the second highest viewpoint in Mussoorie and it is from here that during the early years of the colonial rule in India, cannon balls were fired in order to mark time. A visit to the Gun Hills promises to be an interesting one.
  2. The Kempty Falls: The hill stations at the foothills of the Himalayas are dotted with waterfalls, one of which is the Kempty Falls. You will find this waterfall on your way to Mussoorie. The water here spirals down from a great height creating a lovely view, sometimes even accompanied with a rainbow! If a lovely view is what you are hoping to find then you have to visit the Kempty Falls during your tour of Mussoorie.
  3. The Snow Viewpoint: This is the highest view point of Mussoorie and if you want to reach the top then you will have to trek. It is a very mild trek route till the top of this viewpoint but an extremely beautiful one. The view that it offers along the trek is something that will stay with your forever. If you are fond of trekking then there is no better activity to try out when in Mussoorie. And the view that it offers at the end of the trek, makes it worth all the hard work.
  4. When you book a luxury hotel in Mussoorie for your stay, make sure that it is located near the mall. The mall is the most happening place of Mussoorie with plenty of shops and restaurants lining the way. It also offers a nice view of the snow-covered mountain peaks in the distance. All in all, the mall is the place where you will find yourself spending most of the evenings.
  5. And finally, another place that you have to visit in Mussoorie is the Camel’s Back Road. It is a long and winding road where you can take a lovely walk, enjoying the beauty of the hills.

Mussoorie has many places of interest and these are some of them. Do check them out during your Mussoorie tour.