Are you a foodie who loves to taste everything on earth and keep them saved on their taste buds? If yes, then this write up is just for you!

People travel around the world from different perspectives. Some want to add to their memory of different places which they never have seen, some want to “just see” the world and what it has to show us, some want to have a good vacation to shed all their tiredness and there are some who wants food! Just FOOD!

Yes, there are thousands of people out there who travel here and there just to have, taste and adore foods. Obviously, not only foodies, pretty much all of us are concerned about the meal we are going to have next but foodies are somewhat extremist about their menu, places and all. Travelling refreshes the soul and food brings pleasure. When done together, it is a complete package of happiness that is rarely available otherwise. It brings joy, pleasure, fun and experiences altogether.

The whole world has a number of exquisite cuisines all around it, in different countries with different tastes and colors. There are also a number of place which are popular just for the food they serve and people from all around the world visit those places just to have food. If you are going to have any vacation recently then you can have a checklist of places where you can satisfy your soul with marvelous views and memorable foods! Here is the list of few places where you should stay a day longer to taste their foods.

  1. London

London is already a popular place to visit for its unique history and culture. But it has some delicious and different menu to serve you too. Ancient British culture has amended it’s ingredients, colors and taste of foods in a very unique way. Having food in this city will reveal the tastes to your taste buds as you never knew food before. Different cultures also have a trail on their choice of ingredients. You can also find other continental foods with a touch of British prejudices.

  1. Vancouver

This Waste Coast waterfront city is a home of foods, especially sea foods, which are influenced by Eastern cultures. You can have a great evening at “Chef Tony Seafood” and be mesmerized with the taste of foods. You may find a huge amount of gathering if you hit “Farmer’s Apprentice”. People run into these restaurants for the unique and fresh taste of sea foods or farm fresh meals!

  1. Sydney

Australia seems to be in a corner in the world map but it is one of the cities of great food. Being surrounded by sea and their fondness of farming will leave you speechless about the taste of their foods. You may like to taste foods of Sepia, Mr. Wong, Bennelong, Reuben Hills or Edition Coffee Roasters. Some of these are popular for food; some also offer magnificent views along with their food.

  1. Tokyo

This city is not all about business and money. They have totally different sort of food that you are used to taste. Multiple restaurants offer food influenced from different cultures and they taste like a solid BOOM inside your mouth.

  1. Taipei

Besides Shanghai, it is another city which can give you a drooling face by the appearance of their food. Here you can have soup dumplings, veggies, beef noodle soup which are the signature of the mainland.

  1. Gustavia

This Caribbean city has fresh fish fillets, codfish fritters, homemade rum which is almost breathtaking!

Besides all these places you can also have a long visit to NY, Tel Aviv, Buenos Aires, and Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Cape Town to taste foods of different taste, ingredients, colors, flavors or of a magical mesh up which you never thought of!