Paper Shredder Machine Price, Types, and Important Tips

Paper shredders are emerging as indispensable tools for companies of all sizes. They help institutions and private users to protect their sensitive data, including confidential customer information, important business documents, patient records, and other critical documents.

We can understand the importance of paper shredding machines, as many large organizations also use shredding services, even mobile shredding trucks where industrial-size paper shredders are mounted inside. They use these paper shredders to shred confidential and sensitive paper documents. Sometimes they even shred CDs, DVDs, hard drives, credit cards, etc. to ensure that there is no leakage of data from any source.

How to Choose the Best Paper Shredder

Types of Paper Shredders

Shredders can be categorized based on their cutting style, size, and according to paper shredding machine price. We will first learn about paper shredders as per their cut types.

  1. Strip-cut Paper Shredder

This is a most basic paper shredder mostly used for less-confidential documents. It shreds a paper vertically into long narrow strips to make them unreadable. Also known as a ribbon-cut paper shredder, these offer a low level of security.

Namibind Strip Cut Industrial Paper Shredder – 3040s

2. Crosscut Paper Shredder

This type of shredder is more useful for shredding confidential documents. It cuts paper diagonally from both corners, with short and narrow shreds making a document barely readable. This type of shredder offers a medium-level of security

Namibind Cross Cut Paper Shredder Machine NB-5X

3. Micro-cut Paper Shredder

This is a most advanced machine and is used for shredding highly confidential documents. It is capable of shredding documents diagonally from both corners in square-shaped particles making them almost unreadable.

Namibind Micro Cut Paper Shredder Machine NB-2040

Tips to Consider While Buying a Paper Shredder Machine

Apart from considering a paper shredding price, some other critical factors need to be considered while finalizing a good paper shredder. Certain machines may be more fruitful for you depending on your office’s unique needs.

  • Paper Size: You should have an idea of what size of paper you need to shred most often. Most of the time, offices want to shred letter-sized sheets. Maybe sometimes you need to shred certain documents printed on extra wide square sheets. You can fold them in half before shredding, but when a large pile needs to be shredded, it can be a problem. Saving money on a small shredder is a good idea, but when larger paper processing is required, choose another option.

IB BASICS 12 Sheet Cross Cut Paper Shredder OTL-412ACD

  • Load Size: Consider how much you will be shredding. For a few sheets of paper, a mid-sized load machine, with a narrow shredder input is a good go.

Namibind NB-8X 5Kg Paper Shredder (3x9mm (Dot Cut/Micro cut)

  • Cut Type: Most people think that the paper shredders are capable of slicing documents into straight vertical lines. They can create long straight cuts, criss-cross cuts, and micro-cuts. Types of cuts add confidentiality to your shredding job. If you need a higher level of security then consider a machine that reduces paper to particles instead of larger chunks.

Namibind Cross Cut Paper Shredder Machine LADA CC-08

  • Shredder Speed: These machines are meant to save your time and effort, and a large amount of convenience depends upon the speed of the paper shredding machine. Most of these shredders run for a specific interval and need to cool down to maintain their optimal operational conditions. Research in advance for the shredder speed and choose a machine providing you with the most convenient speeds.

KOBRA 260 TS – HS5 Cross Cut Touch Screen Shredder (5.8 mm)

  • Noise Levels: Paper shredders are machines full of many moving parts, and are meant to make certain noises. Almost any make is going to make a certain amount of noise. However, by investing some more money you can find a machine equipped with a noise-controlled unit. These high-end shredders are costlier than their counterparts but offer silent work operations.

KOBRA 400 WB Cross Cut Shredder (3.9 x 40 mm)

  • Safety Features: Safety should be an important factor when buying a good paper shredder machine. Although safety guards are basic standards for most shredders, and they are well equipped to help keep your fingers out of danger, it is recommended to still check the safety features. There are also some expensive shredders available in the markets that use laser sensors to detect fingers and stop the operation immediately.

KOBRA 260.2 HS/6 High Security Cross Cut Shredder (0.8 x 9.5 mm)

  • Shredders with Advanced Features: Some of the paper shredder models also offer a variety of advanced features. With these shredders, you can shred credit cards, plastic I-cards, paper clips, heavy cards, etc. Many of these also come with anti-jam technology to provide you with a flawless shredding experience.

KOBRA 400HS-OM Auto Oiler High Security Cross Cut Shredder (3.8 mm)

  • Power Saving: You can also opt to buy a paper shredder with a power-saving mode. These types of machines can prioritize energy savings when they are not in use.

KOBRA C1 Sheet Capacity 230 Cross Cut Shredder

  • Wastebasket Capacity : Paper shredders come with a wastebasket that collects the shredded paper pieces. Some of the cheaper models may not include a wastebasket, while larger shredders are equipped with a pull-out bin. A wastebasket can be a more convenient way than other variants of paper shredders.

KOBRA 240 SS5 TURBO Strip Cut Shredder (5.8 mm)


Paper shredders are not necessarily a kind of machine that is bought most often. You will buy it once or twice in a lifetime. So, take your time and do extensive market research before you choose a good shredder. You can also consider Industrybuying, to help you find a model that is most suitable for your needs. This online platform offers a range of machines for personal as well as commercial use, at the most compatible prices. You may even get a good discount on your bulk purchase. Visit Industrybuying and find a paper shredder or any other product of your liking.

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