neon color dress

When did you last wear neon shade of green or yellow or even pink! Ever concern about being spotted easy? Well, now that you know how to make people go off-guard to see you in neon, you have every reason to jealous the bunch with the power-color of Neon! Neon is no color in specific but a chemical which emits light when placed in electric field. This characteristic of neon puts it in the mainstream use in the fashion field. Neon color has been in fashion in the late 80’s. fashionistas had embraced the color with much boldness! It is time to get the hot neon back in track with use fashion this summer.

How to Wear Neon:

Neon color can be worn in summer in any form of cloth. You can try wearing shirts or t-shirts that can not be any more casual in your day to day life. your shirts in cotton can be dyed neon green, yellow, pink, or blue. These colors look perfectly summer and makes you feel vibrant and lively. Neon has an agent of reflecting light with a hue that brightens the surrounding while illuminating with liveliness! You can wear neon shirts with light hued or stone washed denim. Your denim will complement the look by adding enough balance in the attire. It looks perfect in the summer to go bright in clothes and neon is the best match for the same!

Neon in Sports Wear:

Sports wear are acceptably neon and are great to wear this season. You can put those trousers with strips of neon or your sports bra in neon green or yellow! Neon improves your attention and motivates you with much positivity in terms of stamina. You can wear your head bands in nice bright neon as well. Sports wear are commonly found in neon shades and can be found in any good brand house across the city. Going out for work out will never remain any boring like this!


Let Your Feet Speak Neon!

So, this is the new trend of wearing neon color for shoes. You can wear those sexy stilettoes or pumps or even converse in neon yellow, pink, blue or green. Shoes complement you best in terms of your attire. You look best in neon shoes paired up with nice shirts in any shade light. However, complete neonlooks better in terms of Tee and converse as well. Even when you are wearing something dull, you can pair it up with neon stilettoes or pumps.You can wear this casual out fit in neon while going to college or even a outing with friends. Show off in neon leaves the peeps in awe!

Accessories in Neon:

You can put a nice clutch in neon yellow with your petit white dress to depict your inner strength. Neon accessories look amazing when paired with casual or semi formal look. You can put your necklace or bracelets with neon shades in it. Neon earrings and rings are the new trend followed by the fashionistas. You can even make your phones wear neon while wrapping them up in neon covers! Phone covers says a lot about you and you can certainly put that in the front. Neon covers look nice on phone or even tabs. You can also try painting your nails neon! Neon colors look dashing when put on nails – green, yellow, pink, red, blue, violet etc. are used to paint nails in bright neon.

Ever Thought of Dying Hair in Neon?

Neon hair dyes or known as Ombre is trendier these days. You can have your hair dyed in neon green or pink or red that will suit your personality as a fashionista! Neon colors look gorgeous on hair and the fashionistas are trying their bit on the same. Starting from celebrities to those Instagram celebs, all are trying their shades off! You can even try dying few hair strands in neon or even dip the lower part of the hair in neon, giving it a edgy look by the end.