Every website has a base of source code and text. There is a lot of code which is required to give your website a design and shape. The website is structured in HTML and the colors and designs are given in CSS. Other languages like jQuery Javascript for libraries and for user-inputs. Basically, a mixture of different codes to complete the website and present a fully developed and designed website. The other step is text which is there to present the details inside the designs you created. So basically we can say, A website is a set of two things, Code to design and Text for details.

Google loves those sites which load faster other than the ones which load slowly and navigate at huge times. More split and overuse of coding means website will become heavier to move. So if inside the code to text ratio, if the code is too much and more than the detailed text, then Google minds it a little bit. Actually, a lot because it makes the site slower. Clean code is the best, So keep it clean and simple. Also, keep your text ratio above the code. Round about 20% but some developers are even on 40% which is fine.

Our tool provides a very facilitating feature to calculate this for your web page. Simple and easy to use our tool provides the precise details and exact measurements of text to code ratios. This tool will provide in kilobytes that how much code and text is inside your site separately. Then it will also calculate the ratio between them. So basically a superb and free tool that will help you maintain your web page according to the demands of Google algorithms.

In any website, Content quality and speed matters. The ratio between text and coding isn’t really an issue but is considered as a factor in SEO ranking. But, one thing, the Clean code does matter and clean coding does make your site move faster and load quicker. As well as, if your website has low content, then bounce rate will increase and people will stop visiting your site because there is nothing there to interest them. Plus less content will make your current visitors leave as well.

Improving code to text ratio simply means making your site rich with content. The more content means more ratings and as a webmaster, you would know how important this is to maintain your text content above the coding percentage to keep it going on search results.

Simply add all the URLs in code to text ratio checker tool on which you need to perform ratio test and click to continue, In a matter of seconds, you will have precise results.