People are watching more movies in theater in recent years. The number is the highest these days comparing to the ones in last two decades.

Movies had a different type of appeal towards people back in the past when people didn’t have much facility in their home to watch movies as they could in a theater. Most of them watched their favorite in the theater with their dear ones or family to have special experience.

The slow death of movies and their appeal towards people turned the whole industry down for almost two decades. The sudden death of the industry has put the associated parties in deep anxiety about their future. But then again the sudden reversal of the almost lost fortune has given them a new hope and definitely it has a tremendous affect on the quality of the movies. Theaters in Los Angeles observed a huge mix of people from different diversity gathering the mall. People of all ages, categories and profession seem to attend theaters for new movies. Especially young generation is attracted towards movies the most and eventually they appear in theaters huge in numbers.

Middle aged people are like to have their lost love back through a movie night together. After a show of “Beauty and the Beast” a middle aged, very smartly dresses, handsome fellow said, “We loved it a lot. Like our childhood almost!” His equally gorgeously dressed wife agreed to his stamen with a larger joy on her face. This scenario can describe the current fondness of the movie nights in L.A. Its not only here, all over the world movie lovers are going to cinema whenever it lands on the theaters.

Movie theaters have gained back their age old face, flooded with people and entertaining them with what they expected from the movies. Surely the movies have also lifted their quality of stories, vision and the ultimate package of entertainment. Theaters are making more money and upgrading them to make more comfortable to watch movies. Luxurious theaters with even beds (seriously?) have become new attraction for lavish movie eaters. The taste of movies is changing grossly too! Leaving the mainstream romantic and drama movies behind, new movies are including thrill, action, fiction, horror in their movie traits more. And this new generation seemingly loves the movies a lot.

2017 is apparently the craziest year for almost everything! From January 1 eight featured films earned over $100 million and they make a insane mix of different movie traits; a lavish musical (Beauty and the Beast), an acclaimed human drama (Hidden Figures), a horror movie with a twisted plot (Split), an erotic romantic one (Fifty Shades Darker), social thriller (Get Out) etc. creating a $100 million milestone in this small points of time has been recorded for the first time in past twenty years.

Theater owners are also happy to see the gathering back in their movies and seeing the glorious past to come back again. As well as the general people are also pleased to have a place for entertainment like theaters. Watching movies has become the newest trend and form of having solid entertainment for a while with close ones or to have a family get together. Watching movies with 3D effects and much more newly introduced sensation is another reason for the increasing attraction towards theaters. These effects add more live in the experience than that of in the past. This year the continuous success in the film industry is likely to hold its current gesture and will continue to blow your mind as a movie lover!