On January 31, “Netflix” which provides the world’s largest online entertainment service announced that it will make a comprehensive business alliance with animation production company “Production IG” and “Bonds” in animation work. Through this partnership, Netflix collaborates with each company and anime episodes and will deliver it to 190 countries worldwide on Netflix. According to Netflix, this alliance is aimed at strengthening the animation lineup delivering to the world members by producing high-quality animation works from Japan and distributing it to 190 countries developing video distribution services. According to the alliance, “Members, creator engaged in animation production, win-win-win relationship for animation production” will be completed on Netflix.

Mr. Mitsuhisa Ishikawa, President and Representative Director of Production IG, said that “We are delighted to deliver high-quality content from Japan to people around the world who watch Netflix and have fun with the creator I will make efforts to produce content that can be enjoyed regardless of languages. ”
Also, Mr. Minamihiko Minamihiko, President and Representative Director of BONS, says, “I feel that this collaboration that can transmit works to viewers all over the world has a big meaning for our creator,” as “Netflix I would like to impress many people regardless of nationality and age, and I would like to create a good work that will keep watching forever. ”

In addition, the comprehensive business tie-up with “Production IG” also includes “Wit Studio” which is the company group company. Details of the work to be produced will be decided in the future.

This step is one step further in the Netflix’s plan to expand their involvement in anime productions. Already there are many anime TV series to watch on Netflix:

  • Attack on Titan –  a great war between mankind and giants monsters that want to destroy humanity. Two childhood friend enlist in the army in order to join the fighting against the Titans. During their service they will find out the truth about the titans origin.
  • Sword Art Online – The plot revolves around a virtual reality game. Kazuto Kirigaya the protagonist login to play an online game just to discover he can’t log out… The show involves an anime Neko girl called Alicia Rue.
  • Death Note – high school student discovers a notebook that gives him the ability to kill whoever he wants to by writing the name of the victim in the notebook.
  • Durarara!! – A rumor about headless “Black Rider” is heard by Mikado Ryuugamin, a 16 years old, adventure seeking guy. He is determined to solve the “Black Rider” mystery.
  • Kill la Kill – A new school Student, Ryuko Matoi, fights the student council which rules the school by magical force, The show is known for its sexy fanservice and sexy outfits of the protagonist and of the student council president.
  • Robotech –  Using an alien technology the earth developed giants robots to fight alien invasions. Tease robots can turn themselves into vehicles. The story follows three generation of humans and their fight for freedom against several aliens attacks.

And much more to come. You can read about the best anime to watch here.