Namkeen – The Best Indian Snack

Indian namkeen is one of the best snacks in-between meals. Indians cuisine is incomplete without a dash of tangy namkeen. People of all ages like to munch this salty and spicy snack when they are having a cup of tea when they are watching a movie in their bedroom, or while partying with their friends.

Years before, there used to be a small variety of this snack, but now you just type ‘best namkeen online’ in your search bar, and Google will show you a range of famous namkeens available in the Indian market.

Online namkeen stores in India offer are a variety of namkeen that are famous for their flavor, size, taste, aroma, and even shapes. Marketers have also added an extra flavor in namkeen known as khatta meetha, thus further extending the range.

Namkeen with High Packing Standards

To maintain the crispy flavor of this snack, like ratlami sev namkeen, manufacturers take extra care in packing. They ensure safety, hygiene, including a double-layered tamper-proof foil packing that can be tightly sealed with a zip-style locking. Once sealed, the namkeen remains crispy and is less likely to lose its flavor.

Moreover, new-age brands Indori Namkeen maintain their quality by using handpicked top-quality ingredients. They take care there consignments are freshly packed and shipped well within the expiry period. While buying the best namkeen online, you can be very sure that you will receive a namkeen of your choice in good packing and will meet your expectations.

Creative Best Online Namkeen Manufacturers

Manufacturers have gone very creative for namkeens and designing recipes with additional flavor. They have started including formulations of the legume flour base to enhance the overall taste. Moreover, clever seasoning ideas make this snack tangier and savory in taste. Cooking techniques and frying or baking with various equipment are some of the unique manufacturing processes, that make some namkeen taste better than other less popular brands in the market.

There are endless ideas and innovations that are currently in use to make a brand stable in the market. With years of experience in snack processing, with heat processing and control, has established Indori Namkeen, as one of the leading namkeen manufacturers of India.

Types of Best Online Namkeen

Typical Indian namkeen is made from basic grains and is flavored in a variety of ways. Although the namkeen list can be very long, some most famous can be listed as below:

Chivda: This is a crunchy snack made from poha, which is flattened rice. It can be prepared with dry fruit and spices to provide it with a sweeter flavor along with a savory taste.

Ratlami Sev namkeen: This namkeen is made from gram flour (Besan) and aromatic spice powders. This namkeen is spicy, tangy, and crispy in nature, and is consumed all over the world.

Besan Bhujia: It is also prepared from besan and is very crispy and spicy. Recently manufacturers have also introduced aloo bhujia which is crispier than its old variant.

Moong Dal: Made from mung bean this is quite light and can be eaten on its own or also can be mixed with other ingredients

Tasty Peanuts: These are batter-coated peanuts mixed with besan flour and traditional spices. Crunchy and spicy, these are liked by almost all namkeen lovers.


India offers a lot of namkeen variety to suit every taste bud of namkeen lovers. While purchasing best namkeen online, you can be sure that you are consuming a good amount of protein, fiber, saturated fats, magnesium, phosphorus, and other nutrients, simultaneously craving yourself with that unique savory and peppery taste.

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