Business is done for survival and for livelihood. However, entrepreneurs these days are breaking the myth about business that is paving a whole new pathway of discovery. Entrepreneurs are initiating business thoughts that allow to retain the hobby even when going along the path of business. Business can get you money, so can hobbies – is promoted by the young entrepreneurs of these days.

Hobbies are not to be nurtured only when you have leisure; things that amuses you, doing what you never get bored of, is the motivation that can keep you alive during the most monotonous hours of work! Work hour can be stressing but then hobbies are the source of happiness in the most boring hours. The idea of developing a business plan that keeps your love for that hobby alive forever is actually a quite inspiring thought!



Having a bakery necessarily does not mean having a confectionery that is run by confectioners! You can be the confectioner all by yourself. If Steve Jobs can open Apple Inc. from a tiny garage, so can you. If you like to bake and often surprise your loved ones with the sweetness of muffins and puddings then this is not just a passion to keep tangled in the kitchen rather be displayed for the mass. You can open up a boutique bakery or even not open it in real terms at all! You can operate your business online as well. You can open up a page on any social networking site and start your own business even without not having a permanent address. You can also start your bakery at any small place where you want your customers to come and pick your hot stuffed baked goodness. A cart system can also be adopted for the same. Its time you recognize your true passion and emerge successful as an entrepreneur!


Social Marketing:

The world is now converted into a tiny screen where you can keep browsing from one website to the other in the shortest time at highest speed! Everyone is there on the internet every now and then. You can find your distant friend to the closest one living down the street just by a click. The faster moving characteristic of the customer has made the marketers lean toward internet and social networks starting from this decade. People tend to look for reviews and likes before making a purchase. You can be the social marketer which takes no more than the basic marketing ideas backed with few technical knowledges in graphics and copyrighting. Graphics is optional though. You can start your job from like the next moment. All you have to do is to add the new criteria on your social profile and Linkdin. You can start by having a small office space which can even be your house. Your task will be to impress your client with required copyrighting in the demanded field.


Web Developer:

If you are a computer person and walk and talk in coding, this is the best thing that you can start doing from tomorrow. Website is the mostly sought thing today which requires sound development. Website is the window by which the business makes its first impression to the customer. Prior to making a purchase decision, a customer pays a visit to the website at least once. This notifies the businessmen to make their own website which will be their window of the business. A sound website helps the business man to make a sound impression on the customer. Now, making a website according to one’s wish is a matter of professional involvement. Here’s where you can enter as a young professional. No one else other than you can do it any better. Being a computer person you should be able to put right color and words on the website to make it look real and convincing. Your business will boom overnight if you can make at least one website a success.