Have you heard of the term neuromuscular disorder? Often people complaint about muscle ache or lack of coordination or decrease in flexibility in the legs or arms. It may happen due to over workout and contraction of a certain group of muscles but in some cases, it happens due to muscular dystrophy. Muscle Dystrophy is the condition when the muscles of legs or arms or heart or lungs waste away. This is also known as neuromuscular disorder or neuromuscular condition that leads to severe symptoms which need to be diagnosed immediately to control the situation.

Symptoms of Muscle Dystrophy

There are many private physios in London where the person can visit and discuss their condition and symptoms and the therapist will prescribe what can be done to control the situation. A person may need to visit physiotherapist when such symptoms prevail:

  • Problem in walking: Though there are other reasons which can lead to a problem in walking but when delays become frequent and a person starts falling without any apparent cause then it is important to know the reason behind this lack of coordination or pain in legs while walking.
  • Loss of muscle strength: Children have underdeveloped muscles but adults have developed muscles but if they feel lack of flexibility and reduction in strength in one or group of muscles, it could be because of muscular dystrophy. Loss of strength may lead to difficulty in using a group of muscles which further leads to reduction I muscle size.
  • Drooling or salivating: Adults do not salivate not in the conscious state of mind at least; if this happens but there is no infection or disease a person is suffering from and along with this person is feeling depleted then it’s time to get medical intervention.
  • Drooping of eyelids: This happens in many cases but one of the reasons can be muscle dystrophy as the muscles of the area may lack coordination with the nerves leading to drooping of eyelids.

These are some of the symptoms of muscle dystrophy which a person may suffer collectively or one by one. But what leads to these symptoms? What are the causes or reasons behind muscle dystrophy?

Causes of Muscle Dystrophy

  • Side effects of medication
  • Exhaustion of certain type of muscles due to overindulgence and repeated contraction and relaxation.
  • Inflammation or infection
  • Various types of Cancers
  • Genetics

Exact causes of muscle dystrophy can be found by tests but genetics play a major role. Even though nobody in the family might be suffering from muscle disorders or neuromuscular conditions but if ancestors or parents of the patient had a problem in limb movement, muscle pain or anything like that then it might have transferred to the patient since a tender age and with the advancement of age it may lead to muscular dystrophy.

Role of Physiotherapy

Till date, there has been no concrete cure developed for the condition but doctors prescribe painkillers to mitigate the symptoms and pain. Physiotherapy which is the science of body can help to reduce the severity of the disease by regulating and controlling the movements, strengthening the muscles and increasing the flexibility. It will reduce the impact considerably but one needs to continue with medication and sessions for faster results. If a person wants to opt for physiotherapy then find the best therapist in town and Physios Near Me can help in suggesting best of the physiotherapists in your locality. So do not delay and get hold of the situation for a better life.