There are two types of games, enthusiasts and budget oriented. Enthusiasts are the ones that go for the best parts that they can get because money is not a problem for them. But for all, that is not the same case. Not all can afford the very best that is out in the market. That is where budget oriented gamers come in. They look for the best that they can get for much less. Taking into account for these budget gamers, Nvidia has released a few more affordable graphics processing units, 1050 Ti is  one of the very best of the budget ones that is out right now.


The card is based on the latest GP107 gpu from Nvidia. It also has a more vanilla version that comes in the form of 1050 which is even more affordable but comes in just short off its Ti counterpart. We are going to talk about the MSI variant of the 1050 Ti graphics unit. To start with, MSI 1050 Ti comes packed with 4 gigabytes of video memory, which is twice of the 2 gigabytes that 1050 sports and it also has 768 cuda cores that is 128 more from the vanilla. Although there is a 2GB version of the TI model, it is better to get the 4GB model because the extra video memory will come in handy during load. MSI did design a custom pcb. The card has the same gamer aesthetics that all the MSI gaming cards have. They has the red and  black colored fan frame and dragon artwork that MSI has been attached for the past few years now.


It is a great card to gaze at. Inside the box, it comes with all the standard stuff that you would expect from a graphics card now a days, driver cd, manual and a few cables that might come in handy during installation. The card has been factory overclocked by MSI. It has a base clock of 1316 MHz and a boost clock of 1430 MHz. The twin frozr fan designed in house by MSI are great to keep the card cooled during load. The card supports most of the applications that has been developed by Nvidia like shadowplay, Ansel and gameworks. The gpu also supports G-sync technology. During testing, the cards showed excellent performance that is expected from a budget card from this.

The test bench had an overkill i7 7700k cpu so that there is no bottlenecking. For power the card has a single six pin connector that draws only 75 watts. It comes with a recommended power supply requirement of only 300 watts. During usage the card showed impressive results for a card of its caliber. The card got 8154 in 3dMarks firestrike benchmark and the number went to 8721 when it was overclocked. From this we can see when it comes to overclocking the card does not shy behind. In gaming, crysis 3 showed an average fps of 40 in 1080p resolutions. It is to be noted that all of the gaming test that was done on the card were done in 1080p because that is the card best for and also, a person with budget in mind would not go more than 1080p as it would require more money.


In Dirt Rally, the game showed and impressive 70 fps, DOOM gave average of 67 fps, Overwatch gave 107 fps and finally CSGO gave 120 fps. From the performance standpoint we can see that the card is great for esports titles. The temperature did not go over 80 degree celsius under load, so that is a good quality for the card to have. In productivity, the card can also handle light video editing and other light productivity works that it might be needed for. In price point the card comes at 299 USD which is a fare price point in my opinion considering its performance. So finally, I can say that MSI 1050 Ti 4G model is one of the best budget choice that is out now and is a great recommendation for any budget pc build for a solid dollar to frames per second ratio.