Numbers of tools have been underlined which are most useful.

Microsoft Word (Online)

This is the most powerful and the most common tool in offices homes and almost every person write, edit, print on this tool. It helps you set out page layout, Inserting of tables, images, links etc. You can choose from 100 of different fonts, styles, headers and copy formats, colorize them.

Word helps you in mailing as well and also provides vast review documents service.

Google Docs

By simply providing the basic writing tools, Google docs provide many other powerful functions:

It provides an online hard drive for to safe keeping your documents. And it can be accessed from anywhere with just your specified log-in. It lets you manage and share your work with your colleagues or fellow students. Docs provide you a wide research on various topics, Search keywords or create your own topic.

Besides all the writing help Google docs is also providing online chat and file sharing and merge email tools.


The Hemingway tool helps you to write simple and more understandable. This tool actually helps you in writing short, less complex. It provides more simple synonyms to the difficult words. It also let you highlight mistakes and errors in your sentences. Hemingway tool colorize various words and sentences for to correct mistakes.

If the sentence is highlighted Red then it means that your words are becoming meaningless to the user and are too complex.

If it’s Yellow then its means that you need to shorten the length of the sentence.

Purple means you can use a simple or shorter word than the one you are using.

And the Green ones mean it’s a passive voice.


This online tool helps you go through thoroughly from a written sentence.

And it makes sure that’s everything that has been written is error free grammatically, and has proper punctuation.

Calmly Writer

This is one tool that can make your writing stand out with a glow. Calmly writer takes you to the basic writing tools such as inserting Bullets, Headings/sub headings, site links etc. It actually helps you focus more on giving all your content and creativity on one screen and let you document outstand others.

Plagiarism Detector

This tool helps you out by letting your work stay unique by checking plagiarism. One of the basic problem these days is plagiarize others hard work or content for to save time or hard work. This may result in penalizing or putting your site to a low ranking. Use this Plagiarism Detect tool In order to save yourself from such mishaps or to detect plagiarism in assignments.