Looking For a Low-Calorie Snack That Will Help Lose Weight? Try Papad

For people that are suffering from being overweight, a pocket-friendly snack that can quench there hunger pranks is moong dal papad. When it is about eating healthy most people think about western food. It clearly shows how much people underestimate the value of Desi food. One needs to understand that healthy food does not necessarily have to be fancy or expensive. Papad can greatly help in losing weight. The fact might surprise some. But roasted papad that is served at home alongside meals is available in a wide range of varieties and is amazingly healthy. The following section discusses some of the benefits of eating papad so that people can enjoy it without any worries.

Is eating papad healthy?                       

According to health experts eating papad has always been an excellent choice. Different varieties of papad are loaded with potassium and sodium. It also contains sufficient amounts of magnesium, carbohydrate, and iron. The best option is to eat homemade papad so that one can keep track of the number of ingredients. That way they can enjoy a healthier version of papad.

Surprising benefits of eating crunchy papad

Papad helps in digestion

People that suffer from chronic digestive issues can happily indulge in crispy moong dal papad. It produces digestive enzymes by easing the digestion process. Besides it also helps in curing other forms of gut problems by promoting good bacteria in the gut.

Low-calorie food

Individuals that are trying hard to lose weight now have a perfect solution. They can choose to add papad but it is always advisable to ask the experts first. Also, they must stick to the quantity recommended by a dietician.


Papad has high concentrations of protein and can be enjoyed by people across all age groups. But one must never go overboard. Another essential thing to keep in mind is that the fried version should always be avoided. Roasted papad is the best as it does not contain unwanted oils and fat.

Packed with fiber

Fiber is extremely important so it is necessary to consume foods that are packed with sufficient amount of fibers regularly. Papad has an adequate amount of fiber and helps in regulating bowel movements. Due to this reason, moong dal papad also helps in keeping the weight under check.

Papad as a healthy snack                                                

Papad is the best snacking option for those on a diet. Even it is better than nachos. But the fried version of papad is likely to be avoided. Moreover, the roasted papad can be topped with veggies to add a healthy twist.

People who have been recommended to stay on a low sodium diet should always be mindful of their papad consumption. Papad contains high concentrations of sodium and salt which can have an adverse effect when not consumed in a controlled amount.

It is equally important to know which meals go well alongside chana dal papad. According to health experts, Indian meals such as rice and dal are incomplete without the accompaniment of papad. It has always been an excellent appetizer and satisfies the palette of all age groups.

For those looking for variety, papads are available in a wide range of options. Best part is you can now buy papad online. Masala papad can be an excellent snack since it has all the veggies. In some parts of India, papad sabzi is in great use and is something you can also try. Stuffed papad with vegetables is also a great idea for those trying to eat healthily. Papad also goes well along with dal khichdi, pulao, masala rice, and other similar dishes.

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