Most of us find ourselves wowing the model on the cover page of any fashion magazine and secretly dying to look like one! Its not a very rare wish to look a bit trendy, well fashioned and a bit over-classy among people we meet every day. If it is a girl’s hangout or get together then the urge to look a bit out of the box is an obvious competition. Every one of us tries to look most out of what they are and what they have. We can’t really fix what we are or look like to some extent. But we surely can well manage what we have to look fashionable and trendy.


Apart from the personality part, we pretty much edit our belongings and can easily get a look which is highly fashionable and trendy what exactly we wish to become. Its not like pretending who you are not, more like giving yourself the best look in which your personality and your taste bloom the most. When you have look you are super comfortable in and also fashionable and cool it leaves you in full of freedom and energy that you can have the best out of you from talking to doing incredible things as performance at work or so.

fashionable look

Having a fashionable outlook isn’t that of a hard work you think it is. It may need some shopping but that’s really affordable and reasonable to buy if you really want your looks to be upgraded. At first take a look into your closet and pile up all kinds of outfit you have. After you know every keen and corner of your wardrobe, its time to sort them in specific categories. You can sort them in different categories; like girly, gothic, trendy as your choice and fittings of the clothes. The category girly can have pink or colorful dresses, skirts, blouses and other super girly clothes. Most of the dresses may contain some extent of pink, red, yellow colors or any combination of them mostly. Glamorous high heels or colorful flats also fall in the girly category. Then another category you may have titled as gothic which will mostly contain black clothes, fishnets and the laces works all over the wardrobe! This collection will help you to stand out in the night time, specially parties and hangouts.

fashion look

After categorizing the stock of clothes you will have a bunch of bright colorful clothes and another of colorless, means black but gorgeous, clothes. You will also find some pieces which fall in no categories stated above or doesn’t go with the current fashion either. Those are the pieces you will have to work on and show your creativity to look like a fashion geek all around the week without putting much effort.

At first dye all the dresses which have fallen out of the previous categories. You can dye them in girly colors. You can turn some gothic dresses into colorful LBDs, make tank tops into cami. Finally add or remove some small changes in your wardrobe so that you can have a little changed look easily. You can also add up some stones, stickers, cut designs, laces etc to give your dresses a brand new look.

Lastly, to complete your adventure towards fashion concerned fellow, buy cheap but obviously non-harmful and apply them on a daily basis. Take extra care of your face, hands and feet to look almost flawless in public appearance. You can paint your nails matching with the dress to have more of a girly look. if you want to be gothic for a while listen to music and chill!