Thousands of Cyborgs walking all around the world, doing super human activities with a mere wave done by their hand or a specific gesture is a very common scene you can imagine while reading a science fiction or any movie of that sort. As our knowledge and expertise in the fields of biology, mechanics and electronics kept on increasing those Cyborg scenes are not fictional anymore. Cyborgs are created in different parts of the world every day. And this incident is not practiced as test basis either. Yes, you have read it right! That day is no so far when there will be less human and more Cyborgs walking around us.



Obviously science is advancing in an unstoppable speed recently. The advancement is presenting us amazing and unbelievable things which were only possible in fictions once. To confirm the rapid development of science a Swedish company started to implement microchips inside the human body and turning them into human-like robots aka Cyborgs.



Though implementing microchips into human body is not much popular till date. But it is a very common practice to keep track of your pets or important things like keys or other inanimate objects. People around the world are well accustomed to the practice of chipping their pets just to keep track of them or to get updates about their physical condition as they apparently can’t talk to us. But chipping human body is a lot to take for a world this advance. The practice of chipping human has been started in many places in Sweden and quite surely going to spread all over the world in no time.



A syringe, comparatively wider than the regular ones we see every day, slides in between the thumb and the index finger. With a simple click the microchip enters the body, thus the person becomes a Cyborg within the blink of eyes. The size of the microchip is similar to a grain of rice. After injecting the person feels a tiny bite and hardly a drop of blood comes out but that’s all. The chip goes deeper in the body within few minutes and they start to enjoy the Cyborg life.



Epicenter, the Swedish company who started to chip their employees, explains plentiful of facilities that the employees can get by being chipped. Employees can open doors with a slight wave near it. They don’t need to punch cards while entering the office. Employees can operate other electronic devices to communicate with each other. The microchip also helps to control other electronic devices like scanner or printer to make their work easier. They can also buy them a smoothie while on work by just a wavy gesture! That’s really awesome, no? The implementation of microchips became very trendy within workers that Epicenter holds a party when someone decides to become chipped.



The co-founder and CEO of Epicenter said that the biggest benefit of being chipped is the convenience in work. It reduces the workload which employees would have to do anyway.



Implementing microchips has raised the concern of security and privacy issues. It is safe for the human body as it lives a long time within that. The microchip generates data regarding the employee, their work hours and their purchases. But as the punch card or smartphones the employee can’t reach the data which the chip generates.



The chips use NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, which is, there is a small amount of data flow between the reader and the chip to get the work done. It stores information in a “passive” way meaning it can’t read the data itself nor can be manipulated easily. It is certainly a huge help for the employees at work but may pass for a dystopian vision of the workplace.