This summer calls for new revolution and newer destinations. Vacations are not meant to be spent sitting in front of TV sets 24hrs! vacations are to be spend for soul purification and enriching one’s knowledge with the power of experience. Seeing places adds to your bucket of experiencing which leads to your wisdom on the whole. Traveling is the best way of education hence the most exclusive one of course. Talking of traveling, it’s necessary to speak of vacation as well. Don’t lose heart if you are into any monotonous job, working 9 – 5 every day! Here, you will learn about vacations that can be planned in the cheapest way possible to be enjoyed in the best places around the globe!

Have you no hustle of going to place to see monuments or statues, then pick the places where you can spend your precious hours by exploring newer dimension of nature. Here are mentioned few such destinations that will cater to your need of spending vacation like pro!


Jura, France:

France houses country sides that take on different shades during different seasons around the year. Jura is one the most beautiful country sides in France that allows the travelers to explore nature from close distance. This wine region is full of greenery, fresh air is something guaranteed here that will sooth your mind and body at the same time. Enjoying vacation amidst greenery is a bliss specially when in Jura. Architecture of medieval society that prevails in this region will inspire you throughout the vacation. French cuisine needs no more introduction that suits everyone’s palette. Fresh vegetable and meat, accompanied with cheese make country dishes taste amazing that too paired with luxury wines from this region. “Vin Jaunes” is one such favorite of the wine lovers across the globe.


Angra Dos Reis, Brazil:

Brazil is mostly known for its football history, however, has been a destination for the traveler due to its breathtaking natural beauty and beach sides. Angra Dos Reis houses resorts that are well accommodated with all the facilities you want – golf course, spas, restaurants etc. Be it a family tour or solo trip, Brazil offers amazing view that lasts in your memory for years ahead. Angra Dos Reis is a comforting place where nature is explored staying close to the earth. If you are a person who wants to enjoy the vacation by not giving up on the luxury of facilities, Angra Dos Reis is one such destination for you. Service here is really satisfying and it’s budget-friendly as well.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece:

Santorini island in Greece has long been a tourist spot for travelers around the world. Santorini vacation is an amazing choice and will cherish in your memory for a lifetime. The whitewashed huts are soothing both as architecture and living place.The weather is never to high when 29˚ Celsius in summer and no less than 15˚ Celsius in winter.Firά is the Capital town that houses bars and restaurants that caters to the needs of the tourists late at night. you can explore the Black Beach of Perivolos and Perissa and enjoy sun-bathing with fresh juice in your hand! The food is excellent when served with the famous Greek Salad which is prepared with fresh cut vegetables grown in homestead. And don’t forget to try their famous Greek Cheese!

Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza, Spain:

The beach-lovers around the world are worshippers of Ibiza island as a coastal area by the Mediterranean Sea. This beach houses the best resorts and lounges that offer best service to its visitors. Ibiza is known for its night parties and amazing food. The seafood here is the best in the towns nearby. If you are a party person, you will leave no stone unturned to get down on the beach and drink shots till you are lost in starry beach under the sky. Ibiza produces the best of the beach parties in Spain. The resorts and clubs in the southern part of the island are crowded with all the celebrities around the world and they pick Ibiza as their destination for vacation in the summer!