No matter how easy it sounds, it is the toughest thing to do on many people’s to-do-list. Even when they get paid-leave, still they stick to the television like glue to remain so till the end of the season. Why? There possibly is an answer to that; working 9-5 runs deep into the blood of the employees around the world. Even when these people are self employed, they do the same. It’s a phenomenon which is increasingly adding to the monotony of urban life. living vacation seems much of a stress to these people for not being able to fulfill commands anymore!

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Ah! But why?

Obeying to rules and meeting deadlines become so common that these people can’t get over their routine life and live the vacation at any far corner of the world. Vacation becomes another excuse to cuddle to the divan and watch series on tv or computer. Corporates try hard to send these workaholics to some distant spots for enjoyment at the cost of the organization to make sure of their allowances being used to the fullest.


Now, why do the employers feel is necessary for the employees to go on one? Because, it is really important that you take a break from whatever you are doing. It is important that you take a break and go for some vacation for some time. Sociologists and psychologists emphasize on the importance of vacation in our lives. They have been assigning “Allowances” to the salaries of the employees just to make sure of the security of their job during vacation.


Employers Come as Rescuers

Vacation purifies the soul and liberates the soul from monotony of job. Vacation is important when people are tired of their work and want to be re-energized. Corporates see that as an integral part of their employee development as it boosts their productivity to another level. These days they set up their important meetings at places where the employees get plenty of time to spend for themselves that too at the cost of the employers!

Vacations make our soul even more purified and our body healthier. It’s a natural process where the heart leaps in joy and body reacts to the same. Nothing beats the old saying, “A sound mind lives in a sound body” and then no one wants to be robotic and miss on the wonderfulness of this livingness bestowed upon us. Vacation assures the body of relaxation and satisfaction earned through adventure and sports. No matter what form of package you take and which place you choose, the pleasure of having made it possible is immensely satisfying.


It Acts as a Booster

Productivity hits high on any scale be it manufacturing or servicing. Employers are happy at the happiness of their employees so are the stakeholders. Money can be earned and spent but assuring happiness is not usual. Vacation needs no planning rather intention backed by leave plans. Once the leave is granted or vacation allowed, every person, job-holders or service people, should demonstrate this true nature of human being by purifying their soul with the best available source of relaxation. Relaxing is important for every human being. Relaxing does not only ease the mind and body but also fills rejuvenates the soul. Nothing else can make you feel any better than a vacation lasting for as short as 3 days. The days matter less where intensity felt is deeper. Employers are therefore concern about the health of their employees which is not always reflected on their face. Mind health leads to greater body health that affects the productivity. Employers are therefore concerned about their employees over their vacation being missed each year.

Saving up allowances for vacation only causes much tax to be paid in the coming years than saving up for health! People saving up for future expenditure actually do the same but in paying the bills of their hospital treatments only! No person had saved any more than that in the years past.