Having a PS4, some certain games become an absolute must for the owner to play. One of these games is an amazingly crafted game by the first party game developer for Sony, Naughty Dog. The game is called Last of us. Zombie games these days are coming out like wild fire and it is really not easy to stand out in a crowded market like this. But Last of Us not only stood out, it did even more than that. It has over 200 games of the year awards. If that does not convince you, I don’t know what will. The game was released on PS3 originally at the very last days of the console. This game pushed the console to its limits graphically. Since then, the game pops up in most lists of best game ever made.


The game was originally released back in June 2013 for the PlayStation 3 system and after the launch of Sony’s new generation consoles, the game was remastered and released for the PlayStation 4 system in July 2014. The game runs even better on the PS4 and it has some breathtaking visuals. The games story is not your typical zombie story where a vile of extremely lethal and deadly virus gets leaked, the story has a real-life twist in it. There is a real-life occurrence that happens mostly in ants or pests of that kind where a virus attacks the pest and it starts acting strange and gradually it becomes brain dead but the body stays alive and becomes a zombie of sorts. Whole colonies of ants get wiped out because of this virus in real life. In Last of us, it’s shown what would happen if the virus becomes active for the human population.


The games story is as real as it gets. Even at the very beginning, the game throws a curve ball towards you story wise what will make your heart bleed, figuratively. I am not going to spoil the moment because the people who are still to play the game needs to start the game not knowing this. The main character of the game is named Joel, who has been voiced by none other than Troy Baker. Troy Baker is one of the legendary voice artist of the time who has a very enriched resumé when it come to lending his voice for games. The other main character of the game is Ellie who has been voiced by Ashley Johnson from the hit TV series Blindspot. These two have a great chemistry throughout the entire game that shows in every interaction that they have. In the game, Joel has to escort Ellie to the other side of the zombie and bandit ridden country for the purpose of finding a cure for the virus as Ellie is immune to the it for some reason. Joel is tasked by the leader of a militia group named ‘Fireflies’, Marlene. At the start, Joel and Ellie hates each other and each are annoyed by the fact that they have to do this.


But through time, they build up this connection that can be felt by every gamer that plays the game. It becomes very personal for each gamer who immerse themselves in the games story. Without spoiling any story point, I will say some important point of it. They survive through hordes of zombies together, they tackle a huge number of bandits together. Joel and Ellie save each other’s life multiple times, they come through a lot of people. Some of which want to help them and some has more concerning agenda. Basically, you go through an emotional rollercoaster when you play the game. I can go on about the story and the brilliance of it for thousand pages. The game is a third person shooter mainly with melee and stealth mechanism. The controls are very accurate. With the main story, there is also a DLC which is included with the remastered version. The DLC mainly centers Ellie’s back story and that is brilliant as well. The game also has a multiplayer mode where you can build up a clan and have firefights with other clans to gather resources. This mode is pretty fun as well. The resources in the game are very scarce and if the difficulty is high, it gets even more scarce.


So, you have to use them with caution, you cannot go in guns blazing all the time. Being a 4-year-old game, you can pick it up for quite cheap these days. The game is priced at 20 USD brand new and I would say that is a price that is worth every penny for this game. Finally, I would recommend this game for every owner of the PS4 and PS3 system because this game is a masterpiece and it deserves to be played by each of them. You deserve yourself this pleasure.