Do you consider just water is enough to supply everything that your body needs after a heavy workout? If you are nodding your head horizontally, then you are so wrong! Why? This write up will explain all you need to know that why you should choose sports drinks over simply water!

Workouts or sports not only keep your body fit and in shape, it also helps you to clean inside of your body regularly. It’s the best way to have healthy mind and body. As people are increasing taking concern on health issues as there are mounting numbers of health hazards which are threatening human life. Hence, all the secrets to live risk and tension free life regarding health is to work out regularly or taking part in any intense sport which will cost you some sweat.


Now the thing is, after having a heavy workout, when you are dripping in sweat and totally drenched; is water sufficient to recover all the contents which your body actually needs but have lost throughout the process? Nope, water is not sufficient. Though water contains some minerals, but they seem to be very little in amount to replenish the deficit. Chugging water after a workout can hardly keep you hydrated, but it will never be enough to restore what your body has lost.

Sweat takes out the harmful materials along with lots of minerals like sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium and magnesium from your body. On one hand it cleanses your body, on the other hand some necessary minerals are thrown out which helps your body to balance its normal functions. Minerals that our body loses through sweating and urinating are present in electrolytes. Electrolytes are nothing but the salt we eat daily. Energy drinks contain the necessary electrolytes to keep the levels of fluids balanced so that they can carry electrical impulses to our cells throughout our body. When the level of sodium and potassium in body gets low, it affects every single crucial function of our body, starting from brain activities to heart rates. And that eventually leads to muscle cramps, which lasts longer than general ones causing you bitter pain.


Sports drinks contain the essential minerals which instantly balance the levels and keep the body functions go smooth, making your workout an enjoyable beginning of the day. Moreover it harmonizes the input and output of fluid levels in a way that you won’t feel dizzy or tired after a long workout period, which most of the gym goers feel very often. It also serves the role of water in your body keeping it hydrated enough to balance other particle concentrations. You may think regular saline water can also do that. But another benefit that sports drink has is it supplies sodium chloride in your body so that helps to reduce the amount of water which goes out through urine. This process lets your system retain water so you lose fewer electrolytes, so your body recovers faster than ever making you feel lively and light even after heavy sweating.

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Working out hard sometimes becomes a challenge for people because they don’t feel real good after they finish. And this is the only reason which is why your body feels down, tired, drenched and you end up feeling dizzy all the day ahead. But if you arm yourself with proper sports drink, working out will turn out to be really fun and obviously your body will let you know through its internal functions. So next time, when you are hitting the gym make sure you have your drink with you and you are on your way to fresh and lively start of the day!