The travel and tourism industry is growing at phenomenal rate across the world. Tourism business in India is also on peak, everywhere you can see new hotels, resorts and convention centers are coming up, different tourist attractions are popping up and the number of visitors is also increasing.  So there is a good scope of travel and tourism management as the industry requires professionals with the right management and customer-handling skills. A career in this sector requires certain flare and a lot of confidence along with strong interpersonal skills in the learners.

Travel and tourism management
 Someone who is looking to be a part of this industry can go for a tourism management course from the top institution to learn about this sector in deep. Although the sector is glamorous, it requires smart and hard-working people. A student can opt for various certification, diploma, undergraduate or postgraduate courses in order to be a part of the travel industry.

Choosing the right program
With so many choices available, how do you choose the right school and program? While choosing a program, one should ask a few questions from oneself which include:

  • Does the school curriculum meet your career objectives?
  • What are the academic credentials and industrial experience of the faculty?
  • Is the program accredited?
  • What opportunities does the institution provide?
  • What support did the institute provide to the international students?

Asking such questions before selecting the program helps a candidate to meet their career goals. Travel and tourism management offers vocational training and helps the candidates to develop strong business management and communication skills. The successful aspirants can start their career as lodging managers, travel agents, event planners etc.  While it’s possible to work in this sector without a relevant qualification, but those who study a professional course make a rapid growth with good pay and perks. So if you wish to stand out of the crowd and make yourself noticed, a recognized qualification will definitely help you.

Tourism is a growth industry
Tourism industry is one of the greatest strengths of any country. It is one of the most innovative and competitive industries in the world that offers lucrative career opportunities. From the tour operators who put together the amazing travel packages to the travel agents selling these packages to the customers, it takes a dynamic team of professionals with the right knowledge and skills to drive the industry.

Career options
With a degree in travel and tourism management, one can choose from a variety of career options in the travel industry. Below are the positions that an aspirant may qualify for:

  • Travel agent
  • Resort manager
  • Tour guide
  • Hotel manager
  • Ticket agent
  • Sales representative