Apple has recently unveiled its latest amazing product iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus which are really unusual devices in quite familiar faces. Though from another point of view, this design is also a break from the steady two-year upgrade patterns of Apple. It is the third time that Apple launched their new product in the same outlook as their last two predecessors.



Except for the look of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus, everything under the casing is a complete package of new upgrades which can be stated as the game changer in near future. Among a number of changes, iPhone 7 will surely start a new era in mobile photography. Another thing that iPhone 7 has, the disappearance of the traditional home button. Replacing the button, Apple featured this phone with a sophisticated ballet of pressure sensor and haptic vibration motors which will give you the feel of the button. The new A10 Fusion processor mixes two high power cores and can easily rival the performance of a laptop while the low-power cores extends the battery life by up to two hours. And obviously, Apple has retained the “courageous” step of removing the headphone jack in this version too!



iPhone 7 has the feature of being water resistant. It is not completely waterproof, thus keeping it under water for more than 30 minutes can make a disaster. Visually iPhone 7 differs in 3 ways from the last editions of Apple phones.



Firstly, the antenna lines on the back of the phone have been tweaked and blended into the body, specifically on the matte black and jet black models. Second, the camera bump got a bit larger in this version and is artistically curved into the rear casing. iPhone 7 plus has stunning dual camera which certainly needed that attention. And the third one, again, there is no headphone jack! Though 34 out of 60 people in a commune have been surveyed using mini earphones which is really surprising. The Lightning Ear Pods which comes with the latest version is exactly the same of the version 6. It was disappointing for many of the people that Apple didn’t work much on making wireless audio feature an overall good one.



3d touch feature of iPhone 6 is still present in the latest version. The display got better as it is sharper, brighter and can show you wider range of color, which is the best companion of the high end dual cameras iPhone 7 plus. Both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus has f/1.8 28mm wide angel lens. In addition to better photography experience and to ensure the ultimate benefit of extra large size display of iPhone 7 plus it has a f/2.8 56mm telephoto lens.



With all the new exciting features iPhone 7 comes with the new A10 fusion chip which is really great. This new design includes two high performance cores and two low-power ones which help to extend the battery life. The A10 is lightning fast and its even faster than the A9X in the iPod Pro. It is a noticeable leap in the performance than the previous versions of iPhone. i OS 10 is the best upgrade that Apple has made in iOS’s so far. It provides another level of comfort with a sense of how you might flow between applications, has an appealing visual design and much more of features which will change your experience of using other versions of iPhone’s. One of the biggest attractions of the new edition is the iPhone 7 red.



The color is really gorgeous and bold; and obviously stunning enough to have a possession. Moreover, iPhone 7 is a part of the (Red) program which supports the Global Fund which contributes to HIV/AIDS programs and it turned out that Apple is the biggest single contributor donating $130 million so far (in $465 million). Yes, iPhone 7 has failed to meet some expectations of its users like the jack less headphones with previously experienced audio quality, lots of similarities in outlook with iPhone 6 etc but it has some awesome features which is really appreciable. Moreover you can be a part of great cause by buying an iPhone 7.


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