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Jalebi is a well-known Indian sweet and ranks in the top 10 popular sweets of India. Lately born in the North region, slowly Jalebi became famous all over the country. It is consumed as a dessert or as a quick snack and can be consumed either hot or cold. You can prepare jalebi at home with the help of instant Jalebi mix from Indore Onlinewith 100% natural ingredients used, so to provide you with that authentic taste of purity.  

Preparing Jalebi with Instant Jalebi Mix

You will find a Jalebi mix, chasni powder, and a Jalebi maker in the pack, along with an easy-to-follow instructions manual, when you buy Indori Ishtyle Jalebi instant mix from Indore Online. Empty the Jalebi mix into a bowl and add water slowly to form a thick batter. Ensure to mix it well to form a well-consistent paste. Keep it aside, and meanwhile, prepare the sugar syrup with the help of chasni powder included in the pack. Consider making slight thick sugar syrup for soaking rather than dipping the jalebis. You need to mix chasni powder in water and boil it for a little time to get consistent sugar syrup.

Now heat some ghee in a shallow frying pan, and pour the Jalebi batter into the Jalebi maker. Start piping round jalebis by squeezing the bottle. Try to get jalebis in the right shape. Fry on medium heat till jalebis are golden colored. Immediately dip the hot jalebis in the sugar syrup, and leave them to soak for 5-10 seconds. You can even soak for some more time if you want more juicy jalebis.

Drip off the excess sugar syrup and serve the jalebis on a plate, either in their hot form or serve once they are cool, as per the individual choice.


  • Adding jalebis to very hot sugar syrup will turn them soft.
  • In cold sugar syrup, the jalebis will not soak well.
  • Don’t overcrowd the pan while frying jalebis as they will stick with each other. Fry them in small multiple batches.
  • You can consider adding a bit more water than prescribed to make the batter more consistent and easy to pour into a Jalebi maker.
  • Also, make one Jalebi first and check the consistency. If it is too thick, add some water to thin down the batter. It is thin, then add some more instant Jalebi mix.

Making Best Jalebis with Instant Jalebi Mix

If you want to make crispy, juicy, and light jalebis then consistency is an important key. To prepare amazing jalebis at home, you have to prepare your batter with correct consistency. The batter should be free-flowing, yet thick to help you prepare good jalebis. You can understand and fix the consistency if you struggle to prepare the right type of jalebis. If you get:

  • Shrunk Jalebi – These are over fried or fried in ghee with low heat
  • Flat Jalebis –These are the result when ghee is not enough in the frying pan or prepared on low heat
  • Thin Jalebis – When jalebis are made with a runny batter, then they will be prepared thin.
  • Thick or soft jalebis – If jalebis are made with too thick batter, then they will be thick and soft.


Traditionally making jalebis is a tough and long process. But with easy-to-make instant Jalebi mix  from Indore Online, you can make crispy, sugary, tasty, juicy, and crunchy jalebis whenever you want. Making this sweet dish is not at all difficult, but needs practice and some tricks. Instant Jalebi mix provides you with an option to prepare this traditional recipe without waiting for hours of fermentation. Try Jalebi with rabri or phirni, which is an excellent dessert combination.

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