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India and spices go hand-in-hand, and there are various ways in which spices are used in Indian cuisine. Indian masala can be used in its whole form or its powdered form. Some people even use a spice blend such as garam masala in the whole form along with choley masala in powder form. 

Indian spices from whole spice manufacturers are either added while the dish is cooking, or they may be added at the end of dish preparation. Each spice has its own unique aroma and taste, which it further adds to the dish to make it stand apart from other dishes. 

How to Use Indian Spices?

Most spices from whole Indian spice manufacturers are dry roasted to help release their essential oils before they are ground into a mix of various Indian spices. It is recommended to use a powerful blender to ensure that all spices are finely ground, as some spices are very tough to blend to transform into fine powder. 

There is no such rulebook on how to use Indian spice mixes. It mostly depends on the recipe and the nature of the dish being prepared. Although most recipes follow a general order of adding Indian spices, there is no strict rule.

Below are some recommendations that can be followed to get the most out of Indian spices when you buy them from renowned whole spice exporters.

  • Consider adding whole spices at the beginning while making Indian kofta curries. You can heat some oil in a pan, add the whole spices like cumin seeds, cardamom, cloves, bay leaves, etc., and heat them on a low flame. The spices will release their unique aromas and will crackle. Add them to the dish and let it savor for a few minutes. 

  • You can also add spices bought from whole spice manufacturers as a finishing touch. For example, known as ‘Tadka’, most Indian dals and sambhars are finished with this garnish to heighten their flavors. 

  • Indian spice mixes can also be added during the middle of dish preparation. For example, adding whole spice mix powder while preparing chicken tikka, can heighten the flavor of this dish. 

  • Some of the Indian herbs are also added as a finishing touch. For example, fresh coriander or Kasuri methi is added as a garnish when the dish is fully prepared. Adding these herbs at the end of a cooking process provides a special aroma to a dish.

Spices are Costly – Store them in the Right Manner

Indian spices are expensive; therefore they need to be stored properly. The best idea is to buy your spices from whole Indian spice manufacturers in their whole form. Whole spices tend to lose their unique flavor less rapidly than grounded spices. Moreover, consider storing your spices in air-tight containers, away from direct sunlight, and humidity. Remember that light and heat are enemies of Indian spices and cause them to lose their flavor fast. 

Some people also like to store their costly spices in their fridges. Keeping spices this way can be a good idea but ensure to roast them for some extra time than usual or they will collect condensation from the humid air of your fridge. 


Apart from adding special aromas and flavor to the various cuisines, Indian spices are also known for their health benefits. They can be directly consumed on their own or added to food. Buy a mix of Indian spices today from a whole spice exporter, and dive into the deep ocean of India’s exotic aromas. 

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