It was a summer morning. The sun was beaming, and the clouds were forming the nicest cotton candy-like images. I saw a unicorn, and a butterfly, and a heart. I immediately thought about the most beautiful memories of childhood -when all I cared about were candies and chocolates. But the reality of life is that we don’t stay being a child. With time we grow and we forget the art of staying positive.

A smile on a child’s face is a gem. It looks precious; we see no signs of worry. They only depend on their source of strength, their parents. The parent I am now should be strong, but it can’t be just being strong. I should be happy, and I should stay POSITIVE. I know it is tricky, but I got to try.

How do we stay positive? I mean, as a Mum; please note as a single Mum?

Your Children are your Treasure

Yes! The little people that you have are your source just like you are theirs. It should start from there. If you feel like you have no one else in the world, you have your babies 🙂 Trust me, they will make your world upside down, but they can turn that frown into a beautiful smile, a great one. That’s how to start staying positive. Everything is because of them.

Look back at learning lessons and have no regrets

Whatever it is that you have gone through, it can only teach you lessons. However hurtful it may be, there is no way to keep it better than to move on and look forward. It doesn’t mean that you have to be fast. You just have to start. Take a leap and have the courage – the courage to leave everything behind and take a step towards another beginning. You can do it!


Strive for the good. It can only get better. This battle is yours, and you have no choice but to win it. Unleash the wonderful woman within you. Your prowess will be your weapon, and your life lessons will be your shield. Hustle but guard your heart.

staying positive

Get some fresh air through exercise!

Go out and inhale, exhale. Let your mind get the oxygen intake it needs. You will be amazed at how it can rejuvenate your mind and thoughts. Shake off your body using the new trend, the vibration plates. Sweat it out and release toxins. Your renewed body is essential for your personal growth.

Practice the 90/10 Principle

Keeping yourself in a positive mood is a process. A mind training that only yourself can figure out how. There will be a lot of negativity, and you cannot avoid them. It is all around us. However, the 90/10 principle teaches us that only 10% of our life is made up of what happens to us. The remaining 90% of life is determined by the way we react, meaning we have great control of the situation in our daily lives by only how we react to things. If your child spilt the cup of milk in your dress, the way you respond to it would make all the difference. The same is applicable, if not in all, most aspects of our lives. Do this, and it can do wonders in your journey to positivity.

Share your optimism with others

Talk to people and open up. Don’t get me wrong. I know it is not easy to open up after something tragic happens, and you want to keep it positive but when the time finally comes that you are ready to talk about it – share. It is okay to speak up how bad it happened but if you feel that you are a better person after it, inspire and reach out. You will feel even better to touch hearts.