Pregnancy is a term, used to define the period of woman carrying one or two babies until the time of delivery. Child birth, occur usually after 40 weeks of last mensuration or 38 weeks after insemination. A pregnancy due date calculator is where your predicted date of birth is calculated based on your last period cycle. Calculating pregnancy due date is essential as:

  • It gives you idea of starting off your trimester

Pregnancy consists of three trimesters and there are specific dos and don’ts each woman should remember in each trimester. Each trimester has different methods of taking care if you are aware of each trimester you can take care of yourself for healthy and safe delivery.

  • Mentally prepare yourself for getting admitted to the hospital

The mother should be admitted, in the hospital, two weeks before the due date. During this period mothers can also prepare themselves for breast feeding.

  • Know when the third trimester is and avoid certain things

There are certain things and exercises that should be completely avoided in the third trimester. Such as you should avoid all kind of sports and spas. Spas are harmful as foot massages stimulate contraction and fetal activity. Mothers should also avoid slouching in the third trimester as it will only increase back pain for the mothers

  • It gives you an idea when to decide name for baby

As you know the due date you can start selecting names for baby and making a list long before to avoid selecting names in hurry in last moment.

  • Gives you an idea when to decide shopping for the baby

When you know the due date, you can shop things for your babies such as furniture, clothes, and toys before the due date.

  • As you have estimated date of your due date you can invite your love ones on arrival of your baby. It would be a good surprise for them. The family is a great support for pregnant women. They support you with greater love. Babies are huge value and asset to a family so if you have some one older in your family must invite them on your due date they have the better experience with family traditional so it would be wonderful if the handles what haven’t planned yet.
  • By the help of this calculator, you can take leave of last two expected weeks from your workplace like office or school if you are a teacher.
  • You can start eating healthy as you need much power during delivery push outs.

My last word goes for the moms of the world. They created us in their belly. They bear all pain for us they feed us treat us like nobody could do. I have no words of appreciation but I would say World exists because of those women who give birth to this world.