How to Pick a Screw Driver Set

A screw driver comes in all shapes and sizes and has a variety of features. There are flat head screwdrivers that are used for tightening or loosening flat head screws. There are Phillips head screwdrivers which are used for Phillips head screws. Even Torx head screwdrivers are used for securing items to avoid theft, like gym lockers. If you’re looking to create a perfect screw driver set, you need to do a lot of research and understand your needs first.

Any screw driver will do the job, but the best screw drivers are the ones that will stay in your toolbox forever. That is why professionals are picky about their screwdriver set. Some knowledge can be useful before purchasing any type of tool, but the market for screw driver is vast, making selection even more difficult.

How to Pick a Screw Driver Set

In terms of Screw Driver Heads

Because there is no single unified screw to use in all framing or wood carving work, it is critical to have a variety of screwdrivers and screwdriver heads. It’s also essential to match the screwdriver head to the screw head, but it’s even more important to use the correct screw driver, so let’s learn about some of them. The four main types of screwdriver heads are: Flat, Phillips, Torx, and Hex. Other types include Pozidriv and Square. Let’s discuss a few in detail:

Baum Red Flat Tip Striking Head Minus Screw Driver Art-327 (8x150mm)

  1. Flat head: It is one of the most traditional screwdrivers. It was invented in Europe in the 15th century and is one of the most common types of screwdrivers. As the name implies, it has a flat-shaped shaft tip with a single slot that only engages with slotted screw heads. It can be driven manually or via power, but power is rarely used because the slotted head has a ‘cam-out effect.’ What does this all mean? Well, the ‘cam-out effect’ is a process in which the screwdriver tends to slip off the surface of the screw’s head when the torque applied to the surface of the screw exceeds a specific limit, or sometimes due to a lack of centering, which usually results in damage to the screw head or screwdriver tip.

Bahubali 3 mm Phillips Pattern Screw Driver – BH-195A

2.Phillips: As the world shifts from manual to power or motor-driven, these were the first step toward power-driven screwdrivers, which save time and allow for more precise and accurate work. Henry Phillips invented these in the nineteenth century, intending to introduce power-driven screwdrivers into most industries. When seen from the front, the tip of these screwdrivers resembles a cross. These screwdrivers also exhibit cam-out effect, but only when the torque exceeds a certain limit while tightening the screw, preventing damage to the screwdriver profile and screw and clearly extending the tool’s life.

3.Torx: Torx screwdrivers are becoming increasingly popular and are frequently used by automotive technicians. Technicians often call them star tips as the shape of the tip is like a star, with six rounded lobes. Torx screwdrivers have low radial force due to the circular geometry of the lobes, which increases the life of both the screw and screw driver head. Unlike Phillips or pozidriv screwdrivers, much more torque can be transferred with the same force with no chance of the tool slipping, even at high driving speeds, making it more reliable.

In terms of Cost

Screwdrivers are one of the most important types of hand tools. They are necessary hand tools for the home and a variety of professions. Many of them are mass-produced in large quantities. We’ve all got a few cheap inferior quality examples lying around, and you can probably get them when you go weekly shopping. Worn, ill-fitting screwdrivers cannot effectively turn fasteners and must be used with much more coercion, at which point they are prone to fall out of the screw and possibly cause damage or injury.

Taparia Screw Driver Set 6 Pcs. 840

On the other hand, you could buy a set of a premium, high-quality screwdrivers from a specialised retailer, such as the Taparia Screw Driver Set. With Taparia screw driver, you can have both high quality and a low price. It’s a fantastic screw driver to own. The blade is differentially hardened & tempered, with 55 to 58 HRC hardness on the tip. The handle is made from high-grade CA Plastic with a precise design to give a relaxed grip even at a higher spin.


You’ll most likely have to single out between a screwdriver handle with swappable heads or a set of complete screwdrivers, each with its own handle. For a high-quality assorted set, we suggest the Taparia screw driver set.

The screw driver is widely regarded as one of the most significant tool inventions. According to historians, screw drivers were invented in the 15th century, and as we moved into the 21st century, they were commonly found in every toolbox. If you’ve ever been to a tool store, you’ve probably seen hundreds of screw driver varieties of various styles, shapes, sizes, and other characteristics. At, we have a wide variety of tools for different requirements. You also get bulk discounts and an additional up to 70% off site-wide for bulk purchases. Check out Industry Buying today, a marketplace for buyers and sellers with over 1.2 lakh products.

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