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Stress is a word itself stressful enough to swing my mood from this to that. People of this century have developed their Genes to a level where they can stress over anything; starting from getting late for office in the morning to buying suits for wedding. It’s a motion of emotions that strings together to form a chain reaction over the actions ahead. Once you stress, you tend to get habituated in doing so. Afterwards, whenever you are free, you pile up stresses on your mind over things that could have been dealt with much negligence either!

So this is the story of stress development, No, it’s not.

This is to let you know about stress relieving tips that I found handy. Stress relievers are processes that allows the body and mind to detox stress both technically and literally. So here’s what you can do to tackle the level of stress for anything and everything.




This is the best thing that you can do to get rid of your stress. Your body sweats during exercise which drains all the toxins away. The same happens when your mind gets over the stress simply by focusing on the amount of weight to lift up or the amount of time to allocate for this stretch out. These small activities leave greater consequence over your mind and body releasing you from stress. It’s not necessary to go and gym all day long to get rid of stress, a simple walk by the street can do a lot.




Devouring the Rain:

This, might put you out of your league, however, is a classic stress reliever. Rain drops are amazing when touches your body yet reaches your soul. Rain drops fall with certain velocity that hits you on your nerve points. This pushes your stress down to bottom. This works in a way that enables your focus to get shifted to the sensory that is awakened by the sudden subtle touch of water droplets.

Ancient Chinese and Ayurveda practitioners have put emphasis on this method of stress relievers which now comes handy for you and I.



book reading

Book Reading:

Now, this comes handy for the readers in stress. Not necessarily do you have to be an active reader; whenever in stress, take a light read and get lost playing the characters for a while. This is a great form of stress reliever as it helps you get rid of impatience for instance. Once you are in to the book for around an hour or so, you’ll realize that the ever poking stress is actually quite under control. Books should be picked according to taste. You can try on Fictions, Biographies or even Dramas.



listening song

Listening to Songs:

Relieving stress can be done through tunes! You can set your music player on some blues or jazz that will pacify your mind for quite a long time. Once pacified, it’ll put you to sleep. Sleep relaxes your body and re energizes it for the tasks unaccomplished. You can play your favorite songs on Instrumental mode to set the atmosphere right. This helps to a great deal. Listening to songs is common for all young and adults.




Eating Out:

This, however, comes at a cost of money. But when in stress, nothing else seems more stressing than the other. Eating out serves you at many levels. You can meet your best friend and give him or her a treat out of your pocket and spend hours talking and relieving stress. No one else serves you on this any better! And yes, eating helps us get rid of stress on an instance. In case you can make it, try some buffet dinners followed by cold beer.



animals pet


This is an amazing stress reliever, you can a nice puppy or kitten or even a big hound. Petting helps you staying concern over others plight that helps you minimize your stress at personal level. An improved behavioral activity is seen in people adopting pets. So, if you want to see this side of yours, go get a pet and name it – Serene.