Thick and well-shaped eyebrows are always are very important, it is almost the salvation of your look. The point of well shaped eyebrows is that it should look as natural and trendy as possible so that your look is improved. For people who are not blessed to have thick eyebrows or some do not even have eyebrows at all. In such case, it would make people to look older and dull.

For some people that are not lucky enough to have natural and thick eyebrows looking, it would take quite a lot of effort and money for them to grow thicker. You can try putting some ink to your face, but make sure that it is safe and suitable for your face. Alternatively, you can go for some natural methods for it is safer and cost you less.

Following are some natural remedies you should go for in the first place, which all have been tried and tested by so many people. The ingredients are all from your kitchen.

  1. Castor Oil

Normally, all the essential oil are the best ingredients that can fasten all the hair growing process. The reason for this is that it is packed with high amount of proteins, fatty acids and antioxidants. Once you apply the oil to your eyebrows, it will eventually absorbs and then nourish hair follicles.

Here is how to apply:

  • Put one cup of castor oil into the microwave and leave it there for under 10s.
  • Have cotton pad applied to the cup then put them your eyebrows after washing the face.
  • Leave it there for 15 minutes.
  • Sleep on it, no need to wash again.
  • Repeat this every day and you will find different result the very next days.

  1.  Coconut Oil

This essential oil always makes it way to be on the list to help hair growth in most of the case and eyebrows are not the exception. It is the factors that help pushing hair follicles to grow darker and thicker.

The procedure of applying coconut oil is quite the same with castor oil;

Here is how to:

  • Wash you face and pad it dry
  • Heat up small amount of coconut oil and apply it over your eyebrows.
  • Apply thick coat of oil on your eyebrows and leave it there overnight.
  • Repeat every day on regular basis then you will find satisfied result.
  1. Onion Juice

You might not know but onion is super useful for the hair growing process. People also use this method to improve hair loss situation. The reason for this way is that it is packed with high amount of sulfur and bolster the collagen tissues.

You can just need to apply onion juice over your eyebrows every day above. Be patient and you will be surprise with the result.

  1. Egg Yolk

This is also a good treat for your hair follicles for it is great source of protein. This is the reason it would be wonderful ingredient for eyebrows to grow thicker and faster.