Kids love socializing and probably that is because they are more committed to social networking platforms than the adults. More than 7.5 million active users of the most-liked and immensely used socializing network Facebook are under the age of 13. Unfortunately, there are no filters to restrict inappropriate adult content on Facebook which means the majority of underage children may expose to sexually explicit content. Almost 88 percent of younger children reported experiencing cyber bullying on Facebook as a victim or a witness. Meanwhile, the socializing platform has widely been used by the online child predators to devise strategies to target underage and younger children. Virtual Peer Pressure and depression are other hazards of Facebook causing millions of children to suffer mental health issues.

YouTube is yet another hazard for teenagers and younger children. The video streaming site is Free and Public which means the videos people post on it can be seen by anyone. The odds of your children exposing to violence, pornography, and explicit videos are higher on YouTube than on any other online platform.

How Parents Can Make Facebook and YouTube Safer for Kids

Almost 66 percent of adult Facebook users are unacquainted with the Facebook privacy control settings. So, have a discussion with your kids about the Facebook privacy and educate them how they can protect their identity online. Get them learn how they can ignore cyber bullies and protect themselves from online child predators and immoral behaviors.

As well as prepping up your kids against the cruelties of the adult world, keep secret tabs on their social media activities. You can ask your kid to add you to his friend list so you can monitor his Facebook posts and the feedback of his buddies on his post to ensure your kid is not becoming a target of bullies or is not becoming a victim of Facebook depression. You can take help from a reliable monitoring application to watch out the activities of your children on Facebook and YouTube.

A mobile phone and PC spysoftware allows you to keep track of the happenings on social media including Facebook and many other common social media, dating and instant messaging apps. You can read one-on-one and group messages send and received by your children on Facebook. You can watch out the Facebook posts of your kids, likes, and comments on these posts, and the media files shared and received by your kids. Moreover, you can check out the friend list of your child as well as the newly added, deleted or blocked Facebook friends. When you will be aware of each and every activity of your kid on Facebook, you will be able to take right and immediate decision discovering your kid in the unfavorable state of affairs.

YouTube has a Safety Mode to block most objectionable content. Log into the YouTube, scroll down to find the Safety button at the bottom of the Home Page, and choose On. Tap Lock safety mode on this browser to ensure your kids do not change the settings. Another option is to install Web filtering software to get the browser blocked objectionable videos.

As well as taking precautionary measures to make Facebook and YouTube safer for your children, the other most important element is to have regular conversations with your offspring about their online use to aware them of the menaces of the internet and to ensure their security.