So, you two have cut it short and finally decide to save a date! Congratulations. Getting to meet someone you adore and keep dare to your heart is such a thrilling experience. However, sometimes this excitement can lead to stress and anxiety. Our heart tries to play with us by bringing in all the wrong thoughts: what if he doesn’t like me? What if I end up there before the given time? What if I couldn’t find a cab on my way to the designated place? What if my shoes start to hurt? So many ifs and buts keep our mind saturated and tiring.
Before you jump into the simple steps of preparing for date, make sure you are relaxed. Try breathing exercise whenever you feel the hysteria crawling up your neck – it helps!
• Prep Before the Day
No tweaking your eyebrows or tweezing hair here and there on the day of your date. If you are a guy, shave a day or two before the date. If you are a girl, make sure you get all the waxing done two days ahead of the due time. It is because, especially in the case of women, we end up with red marks on our face or hands. To avoid appearing like a piece of reddish, get prep up a couple of days before.
• Select a Dress
No need to getting on your nerves by deciding what to wear right on the big day. It will only waste your time and keep your head clouded. Last minute decision often leads you towards indecisiveness. You will be double minded about a dress that could look good on you. However, if you don’t have a dress or you are planning to get a new one then shop earlier so that you will have time in hands to get accessories with it. All users can get 25% discount on all priced items with Toms Promo Coupons.
• Be on Time
This rule goes for both men and women. Date is that special moment when waiting up for someone to show up is perhaps the most painful thing to do. If one of you is going to pick another, that is better. However, if you have decided a place to meet then make sure you two get on time.
• Have Fun
Keeping quite all the time when you actually get a chance to meet is possibly the worst case scenario. Often it happens to people who are introvert. If you really like the person you are going to see then try to have fun. Be natural. Don’t hesitate or wear that expression that you are not interested in talking as it could put the other person off. Now that you have the opportunity, make sure it lasts for forever.