Finding the right chiropractor can be a personal decision

back-painIn the United States some 27 million people seek treatment annually from Chiropractors for their back pain, and roughly 1 million spinal adjustments are made every business day.

It must be working, because 94% of patients who received treatment from a Doctor of Chiropractic reported a 30% reduction in back pain after 4 weeks.

This compares to patients who chose to receive treatment from their General Physician who reported that only 56% of their patients noticed a 30% reduction in back pain after 4 weeks. (Study conducted by The Spine Journal) You know you can expect to receive high quality and effective care from a Chiropractor, but choosing the one appropriate to your needs can speed your recovery.

The following tips should help you to choose the right chiropractor for your situation.

Different types of chiropractors

chiropractorThere are many different types of chiropractors:

  • Some Chiros specialize in sports injury
  • Others specialize in workplace related (long-term repetitive movement) spinal damage
  • There are Gonstead chiropractors (focus on posture and biomechanics)
  • There are vitalistic chiropractors that focus on overall health, wellness and maximising your healing potential.

Some Chiropractors work exclusively with people who’ve inherited congenital spine disorders such as Spina Bifida. A quick online search in your area will help you to find the most appropriate Doctor of Chiropractic for you. By far, however, the largest number of Chiropractors are geared towards general treatment for the so-called ‘weekend warriors’ who sustain back injuries resulting from vigorous sports or competitions, people who drive for a living, or those who sit over a computer every day.

Some people have never had any need for chiropractic treatment prior to an automobile accident, and suddenly find themselves unable to function without chiropractic assistance.

Call your local chiropractor

Whatever your needs, narrow down the list to those Chiros in your area that can best treat you and feel free to call their office to discuss your situation, what you hope to attain via chiropractic treatment and get an idea of the cost and if your healthcare insurance plan will pay for some, or even all of your treatment.

Of course, you can’t expect to receive a diagnosis over the phone, nor can your spinal issues be solved in only one or two treatments, but at least you can get a rough idea of what’s typical for your situation.


Depending on the type of treatment you require and the experience of the Chiropractor, you may expect rates to fall anywhere between $30 to $200 per treatment. On average, you’ll find that chiropractic treatments hover around $65 per visit.

Frequency of visits

Your Doctor of Chiropractic may suggest a once-weekly treatment to align your spinal column over a period of weeks, or in the case of serious injury may recommend three treatments per week, or any other combination of treatment.

It’s important to note that each spinal injury is different and that each human body responds differently to treatment.

Your treatment may also include acupuncture, nutritional counselling, massage therapy, electrical muscle stimulation, or heat and ice therapy. It just depends on your particular spinal injury and on the speed at which your back is healing throughout the treatment process.

Ask a friend

Finally, to help you find the best Chiropractor — ask your friends and family, or even your co-workers for suggestions. Many people seek out chiropractic treatment and experience excellent results yet may not pass that information along unless specifically requested.

Your Chiropractor has only one goal, your perfect spinal health, so go with confidence knowing that he/she has your best health interests in mind and has years of experience and training to get you to your spinal health goals!