With more than 65% of the prospective students using search engines like Google and Bing as their first source of information to find the institutes for higher education, it has become more important for the institutes to make sure that their website looks and operates to a high standard to show up on the top search pages.  Unlike other sectors, users looking for the information related to the institutes don’t just stop at the home page, but they navigate the website thoroughly to find the details about the admission process and course information along with the infrastructural facilities and qualifications of the faculty.

Why SEO is required in education sector?
Which institute to attend is one of the biggest decisions that a student will make in his lifetime, so it is vital to consider all the aspects in detail.  With 80% of the search queries ending without any decision or conversation, it’s really a big challenge to rank high in the search engine result pages.

The competition is very high in the education sector in Delhi NCR and if the website of an educational institute is designed in SEO friendly way, it will attract more students. Hiring a SEO agency in Delhi NCR for education sector will definitely benefit an institution.  It will ensure that your website receives the maximum exposure in front of the right audience. Some of the top SEO agencies in Delhi NCR offering services to educational sector are:

  1. Unipro Education
  2. Netscape India
  3. K2 Infotech
  4. Eazy Softech

SEO refers to the process where search engines determine a website’s rankings in the result pages. If a website is not up to the mark as per the search engine’s criteria, it means the site is less likely to be clicked by the students looking for an institute.

How to use SEO services to increase enrollment?
In order to engage with the prospective students, it is really important to have a broad SEO campaign that encompasses a variety of features including:

  1. Long-form content: This is a great way to inform students about the various attributes of an educational institution.  Whether it is in the form of forums, student’s interviews, testimonials or even the advices on how to survive during the first year or first semester, increasing the content on the website is an important part of the SEO campaign provided by the top SEO agency in Delhi NCR for education sector.  Further, the content should be highly sharable and enable the search engine to recognize that the institute is relevant and authoritative..
  2. Social media: Alongside, having maximum visibility over the social media networks is the best way to engage with the potential students. It helps you to talk to the students in the real-time, answering their queries and directing them towards the educational institute’s website.
  3. Responsive website design: Having a mobile responsive website is also of great importance particularly among the young adults as they use their smart phones and mobiles to research about the institutes. Hiring a SEO agency will help an institute to make the website design responsive and user friendly.

Cost-effectiveHiring SEO agency in Delhi NCR for education sector is the cost-effective way to ensure that the institute is being shown to the most relevant searchers who are likely to apply for enrollment.