Fever blister or cold sores are not an infection which is caused due to fever or cold. This is also popularly known as herpes which is caused by the herpes simplex virus and this infection either happens on the lips or near the mouth region. It is a tingling feeling that one may have face consistently. Usually, it lasts for one to two weeks, and if proper remedies are taken, one can get rid of them quickly also. One may feel mild to severe pain during the fever blister. A highly contagious disease in itself, fever blisters are often accompanied by pain, redness, and swelling. There are a number of homemade remedies which will heal and reduce the pain and here are a few of them.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar: Sometimes apple cider vinegar is beneficial in treating fever blisters due to the anti-fungal and anti-infective properties present in it. The way to use apple cider vinegar is very easy. All you are required to do is dip a cotton ball in a diluted solution of apple cider vinegar and apply this to the affected area three to four times a day. You have to continue this process till the blisters are completely healed. 
  • Witch Hazel: This is a rather old way to treat herpes, and it is really effective in fighting the herpes virus. This is an astringent which dries out the area and reduces inflammation to a considerable amount. Take a moistened cotton ball and apply witch hazel directly on the blisters. Hold the cotton with slight pressure on the infected area but make sure that you do not rub the area. Do this twice a day and continue the process till the blisters are gone. 
  • Tea Tree oil: This is effective in the anti-viral treatment and can heal the area by preventing the formation of further infections. Dilute the tea tree oil with water and dab the diluted tea tree oil on the affected area by dabbing the cotton on it. Do this several times a day and continue for a few weeks till the blister is healed completely on the concerned area. 
  • Licorice: This is another root having a lot of medicinal qualities and it popular in treating cold sores. There are a few ways to use licorice in treating herpes. The first is that you can apply a diluted version of licorice extract on the blister either with cotton or with the help of your fingertips. You can also form a paste by adding coconut oil or almond oil and apply it on the skin. There might be side effects, so it is better to consult a doctor before using licorice.
  • Oregano Oil: Oregano oil is known to inhibit a number of infections including herpes. Dip a cotton ball in diluted oregano oil and place it on the infected region as long as it feels comfortable. This has to be done a few times in a day and continued for two weeks to make sure that the blisters are healed, and there are no chances of them to relapse. 

Source: ehomeremedieshub.com