Living in a beautiful house is something that most of us crave for. However, not all of us have that kind of budget to make this dream come reality. So, we let the spaces and rooms continue to look jaded and wait for the right time. Well, no need to wait as you can leverage home décor ideas and tips to design the interior even when the budget is low. You can consult an expert interior designers in gurgaon and ask for some advice so that you could transform the visual hues of the spaces in a cost-effective manner.
Here’s are some great home décor tips when the budget is low –
Paint the walls

Painting the walls is perhaps the best way to elevate the look and feel of rooms and spaces even without spending much. The colors and combinations you choose should be decent and in sync with the structures and dimensions. Lighter shades and natural shades are some of popular options these days as they lend a touch of elegance and style to the spaces. The paints suiting the functionality of the room and matching the spirit are always a good way to add color and zing to spaces. And yes, make sure the colors are different for the kitchen, bedroom and living areas.

Subtle use of lighting fixtures

When the budget is low, you can look to beautify the spaces with the subtle use of lighting fixtures. With proper lighting, you can create inspired spaces and create a dramatic effect in an easy manner. The positioning of lighting should be spot on and you can go for a trail lighting for the entire spaces. Or, how about highlighting the wall picture with lights? With low-cost light fixtures available in beautiful designs and patterns, you should not face much of problem of transforming the rooms and spaces completely.

Use the artwork

Artwork is a simple way to create elegant spaces in the house. You don’t have to buy paintings or art; rather, you can showcase your creative side on canvas and then make it hang over the walls at key places. You can also use your old photos or some natural photos from the internet and use as an art work. The walls should never look empty and rather look to put your imagination and art to best effect.

Use green plants for natural feel

Low budget is never a constraint in giving your home a natural look and feel. You can always use fresh green plants and herbs in the rooms and impart a natural look to it. Plus, place a vase filled with flowers on a side table or on the edge of the window for classy look and feel. With nature right into your home, you can proudly feel live living in a beautiful home. And all this does not cost much!

Beautify spaces with rugs, cushions and curtains

Rugs lend spaces a royal feel and make the home look fabulous. Rather than going for pricey new pieces, search for older ones and then cut them accordingly to suit spaces and scatter them accordingly. Similarly, cushions can be used to give the home a completely new beautiful look in a cost-effective manner. Using cushions and curtains according to the theme can give homes a good feel. You can look to hang blinds or colorful drapes to impart your spaces an inspired look and feel.

Create soothing feeling with candles

Candles have long been used to create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere in rooms of any scale and size. Placing scented candles in the room is not going to cost much and it will not only glam-up rooms but also lend it a special feel. You can buy colorful candles from the market and let your spaces feel like well decked up without much of effort.