Once you turn up into an engineer, life isn’t the same anymore. There are thousands of rumors and jokes; some are true of course, going all around the world about the engineers and more specifically the profession. If you are not one of them, you will never get what its like to be an engineer in this big planet. Some are way too successful, unnecessarily- what others think, and some are just mocking their degree as well as their decision to study this subject. Even if the whole world makes fun of them, they have their own funny stories in which they live every single day. Somehow, they stand out as a whole different species among a bunch of happily living creatures.

This write up presents some funny and interesting facts which go around in an engineer’s life:

  1. Law of Newton applied in an Engineer’s life

We have laws of movement which are being educated to us for quite a while now, we got Einstein’s hypothesis of relativity, yet there’s one unbalanced law that is unexplained till now. It’s the ‘Law of Engineering’ which expresses that productivity of contemplating is conversely relative to the time left for the investigation. Here the measure of weight on an understudy’s brain is steady before the exam and after the exams. This is a specialist’s life.

  1. A Different “Thinking” Machine

In designing, the inventiveness of an understudy is more essential than his participation. In case you’re one of the individuals who simply need to have participation, great GPA, a not too bad position, at that point you’re not fit for building. On the off chance that you don’t bunk the classes on occasion then you can miss a great deal. Building shows you to manage the life. To the extent I am concerned imagination doesn’t originate from sitting in the classroom for participation. It originates from the investigation, from appreciating what you’re doing, from being courageous and free.

  1. Dealing with Difficulties. May be in “After life” too?

In case you’re not tired of concentrate at that point you’re not doing building. Building causes us in practically every part of our life; how to cook sustenance by your own, how to wash your garments, how to spare cash and significantly more which will help you throughout life. The most imperative thing that an architect learns is to manage the greatest of the issues of existence without stressing. In the wake of everything that an architect experiences, he ought to be given the Noble prize.


  1. Attack!!! It’s a WAR

Building dislike each other graduation course, it’s the blend of torment and dramatization that happens each time inside the grounds. There are 4 Years, 8 Semesters, 16 Mid-Semester Exams, Pre-University Tests, Theory, Lab, Quiz, Assignments and a considerable measure of other torment through which a designing understudy needs to go with a specific end goal to be called an ‘Architect’. It’s no not as much as a fight. Indeed, even Guinness World Records recognize that it has picked Engineering as the hardest course on the planet.

  1. Decent evaluations Vs Creative Minds

Each class in a building school has an alternate kind of understudies that you’ll discover. There are understudies who need to awe the instructors by showing their astuteness before them, they generally ask questions and after that there are understudies who calmly sit tight for the exhausting address to wrap up. The ones who make notes and the other people who pay for the photocopy machine. The ones who purchase pens and the other people who have great companions. The Good evaluations don’t mean achievement and lower grades don’t imply disappointments. The most critical thing is to pick up the learning rather than marks.