More than half billion of public were actually bonded with mobile web back in 2009, this number almost doubled by the end of 2014. To your surprise, US alone captured 25% and came up with the fact that “25% of the mobile app users tend to be mobile only”. Now, what does that suppose to mean? Let’s elaborate, these users incorporate only mobile to access the internet, they don’t tend to use the laptop, desktop, tablet, for them it’s just mobile.

Now you know why mobile app development company is at the boom and to peep from another facet why developers have to strive so hard to reach the app store and dig their feet there. When it comes to 2017, the figures are really flabbergasting, its $72.52 billion. Yes, you heard it right, the total app revenue for the current year is $72.52 billion. Take a deep breath dear friend and don’t even dare, I repeat don’t even dare to step up in the app development field getting attracted by the figures if you don’t know the quotient of a successful app developer.

A mobile app is new cool and sparks interest in an ambitious buddy but mull over it boy, as the fear of being eaten is just at your back. Dirty secrets are never revealed but in this industry juicy secrets holds this gratitude.If the lure of the revenue figures can’t hold you, read this article and explore the hidden secrets of apps that developers don’t share which are no more going to be secret.

1) Melancholy Approach

Sentimental connect is something that bewitches the users. The competition scenario that I just portrayed above is a red alert for the app developer to act antagonistically. One of the relatable examples is of the Whatsapp, you cannot resists to check it and that’s because it attaches you with your loved ones. The power of the melancholy approach is irresistible whether it connects you with contacts through Facebook or Whatsapp or it gives you the thrill to catch a new Pokemon.

2) Audience at Ample of Eye

Fresh developers create an app and expect the users to come to it. Their focal point is an app and not the audience but in actual it should be another way round. When you expect to capture the market, the market should be at center. Let’s make you understand with a live example. Pokemon Go is the proven illustration for the same. It targeted the audience, this cartoon has been for since decades and have been successful in luring the people’s interests of several age groups. This app didn’t have to troubleshoot the target attraction stage as it already had a fan base which gone viral at the time of the release of the app.

3) Mousetrapping

Now, where does mousetrapping enter the app world? For catching a mouse, you need to give some attractive piece of food to trap them. Apply the similar concept to trap your app users. Give them a trailer which will enforce blood in their veins and they will be waited for the app to come. Be careful with copyright and patent as you don’t want someone to steal your idea and you just stay with the app trailer and not with actual app launch.

4) Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!!!

Who don’t like surprises??? No one right!!! For developing a successful app, always trick your users with surprises, if it’s a gaming app, unlock some level as a gift, if it’s a shopping app, offer a huge discount or sale and your audience will be more than happy, spreading the word about your app in all corners.

5) Email Listing

Last but as prominently said, not the least secret for successful apps is email listing. Develop an active subscriber base and test your app by releasing your app to them. This will make them feel privileged to be the first users and enable the mobile application development services to take your app for a test drive.