Microsoft Surface is the one-stop destination of your official hustle that needs to be sorted out in the most artistic way around. Microsoft Surface has launched its array of supreme devices in the form of Surface Pro (having launched its 4th iteration as of 2015), Surface Book and finally Surface Studio in 2016. The latest edition of Surface device brings you the best available service in the market of Microsoft!

Working on PC got redefined with the arrival of Microsoft Surface Studio that offers you legacy of working-station. This 28-inch PC houses the station of professional requirements that boosts your productivity in whatever field you are working in. Microsoft Surface Studio is for the professionals who passionately work for themselves. The screen bend down to 20 degrees that masters the power of Folding Screen in the form of PCs. Adobe sRGB or P3 color spaces allows Microsoft Surface Studio to display wide color range mostly suitable for the artists and designers. Graphics designers agree on the color appreciation of Microsoft Surface Studio in one line.


Surface Studio allows you to use the Surface pen availed from Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book launched earlier, however, the Surface Dial is the latest edition of input device that has taken the arrival of the device by storm! Input devices have been experimented over in the years passed by and the Surface Dial is the major breakthrough in terms of interactive input device in the year 2016. The video editors have been blessed by the arrival of Microsoft Surface Studio that allows them professional finish in an artistic way.


The drafting table format of the Surface Studio caters to the need of the designers and video editors who have long cherished for a studio that can replicate their needs of professional finish that too with much of ease. The base of the Surface Studio houses the entire energy house of the screen that enables the Studio to conduct its activity from a slim sweet attire!


The price of the Surface Studio is a bit higher on the note that it offers the product from an end where the buyer gets to pick his device from among other competitive devices, however, the Surface Studio backs the pricing by the offering of ultra cool features of any smart gadget in the market. The Market Surface Studio targets the market starting from designers and video editors to high-end scholars who passionately work for their dreams.