Whether you are an Android device user or an iOS user, it is obvious that you are using some Google apps. In fact apps like Gmail, Google drive, Google map etc. are some of the must have apps in every smartphone. Moreover nowadays, there are many apps that are preinstalled in almost every smartphone for ease of use of the user.

But you would be surprised to know that there are various Google apps that are not so popular among general user though they might be helpful after you get to know about them. So let’s prolong our love for Google by knowing some of the apps-

google helpful apps

Arts and Culture

Who doesn’t love art!? And culture? From the very beginning of the civilization we have been curious about cultures of different regions. And this app helps you with information about art and culture from over 1000 museums around the world. You can also read about different artifacts. This app even enlightens you with information about different art related movements and historical events. A virtual reality experience system using Google Cardboard has made this app even interesting.


Search anything from the keyboard using this app. We are so dependent on Google search that we switch to it for very common things. Instead of switching apps every time, we can search and send instantly using Gboard. It speeds up the searching and sharing experience. This app can be used anywhere. Even if the Gboard is not the main keyboard, just touch and hold the keyboard button to bring it up.


Snapseed by Google is one of the most comprehensive photo editing app for mobile. Though it has less filters than many other editors but it allows you to make adjustments according to your choice. And what makes it even interesting is the ease of use of the app. It has many unique tools of editing which makes it number one in the list to whoever has used it for once.

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Google Keep

Whenever we think of taking notes, what usually comes in our mind is Docs. Surprisingly very few of us know about Google Keep. Google Keep is syncing notepad that is linked to Google Drive as well as to Google Docs. It allows text notes as well as voice notes, photo notes and checklists. Its colorful, easy to use, customizable, work friendly and we can even use labels if we want to. Plus, we can stick the sticky notes on the Android home screen. Isn’t it handy?!


We think of email we think of Gmail. But Google’s Inbox is as handy as Gmail. It even adds some extra helpful features. It has almost all the features of Gmail app’s functionality plus it adds features like highlighting emails that have information like flight check-ins, transaction receipts etc. It also bundles similar messages together and allows to snooze email messages for later actions.


Sound Search for Google Play

This app is available for Android only. It’s a Shazam-style music recognition app that detects whatever music is playing in the background no matter where you are. Noticeably it links directly to Google Play and you can easily attain the tagged tunes unswervingly and instantly. What a convenient app for music lovers!


This app is available for both Android and iOs and it was launched in October 2014 to help startups. Primer includes five minute lessons covering things like executing content marketing, gaining media coverage, understanding search engines etc.

Google Authenticator

This app is also available for both Android and iOS and its aim is to prevent miscreants from hijacking device and services. It generates 2-step verification code on your phone that serves up a six-eight digit password that users have to input in addition to the username and password.

Android Device Manager

This app helps to locate your Android smartphone in case you lose it. It is the best to use app to get back lost or stolen Android devices. It also comes in handy in case you want to factory reset devices remotely.