It is almost hard to find the fine line between the weirdoes and the crazies! Everyone tried to stand out in the flood of people. Its like, being just yourself is not enough everywhere. The weirder buzz you have, the more you get noticed and somewhat adored.

People are like the five fingers of your hand. No matter how many you meet in a day, it never is the same! All have different sets of mind! Its really gross sometimes. By any chance if you have to deal with one how terrific your day can be, this piece of writing discloses almost all of that! It is a traumatic revenge of karma, may be, that you have any close friend, colleague or boss or anything of human kind around you. Or you yourself are the one? Find right out!

funny faces

Weird people talk a lot! Talks about everything, every single moment things! They are chattering with their near dear ones, close ones, friends, non friends, haters, and complete strangers too! They make weird days to celebrate everyday and to almost every one they meet. They are also good talkers to strangers. Of course most of the time everyone almost consider them crazy, but that’s they actually wants; to be noticed or classified differently! They always hang a grinny smile and ask or comment non-sense staffs to random strangers in a quite loud voice.

Weirdoes are awkward reactors very often. They overreact to smaller things. Like, if a bird pooped on his/her car, they would behave like their car has been crashed or so. They are always inconsolable, even for smaller things you can ever imagine. He/ she can scream the hell out of you just to see an ant being killed by someone and will leave happy as a clam. They always have a signature thing to put the “normals” in a bit uncomfortable situation. They can make some noise after sneezing or coughing just as weird as them. And they tend to be very creative in that!

weird funny people

Along with being awkward doers weird fellas are awful speakers too! They make up new words which is just unimaginable from the perspective of your dictionary. You must ask them what the word was and put more attention on what he/ she speaks later to catch her random thoughts on tiny things on earth. They are pretty good to pronounce in awkward accents. Or they can even invent one to take a pride with their besties among in a bunch of people. By default, they are good interrupters. They will make you stop talking and share their thoughts right in the middle of any conversation. They are often caught talking to themselves or with unanimated objects too!  Weirdoes often make up awful nicknames of most of the people and call them in public reaching almost a kilometer by her voice. Make sure you have a good impression to get a good nickname, mate.

Weird people use their “appearance” strange enough to make him/her look quite different from the rest of the world. They pick clashing colors or patterns or design and size with pleasure and look a satisfied soul. You must make them feel adorable no matter how “yaak” you felt inside. But they are very inconsistent about their next day fashion taste.

Somehow, the weird ones manage to possess a good position in terms of academic performance or social identity. They always try to put themselves in a situation where they can act as the center of the attraction. They hardly care what people think about them in their back. They work hard to keep their reputation well shaped, so they are a hard rock to complete. Lastly, they choose a new identity, of course weird as hell, every single often; be aware of the change!

Dealing with this sort of people is really a hard job to do. God bless you if you are one of the tortured souls if you got one of these around.