Have you ever caught yourself roaming around somewhere you wanted to go or had a recent vacation at? Human mind is pretty mysterious! No matter how important task we do, how sensitive it is; our mind is something totally unpredictable in terms of the duration of holding its attention. Psychologists say, around 47% of the time we are awake, our mind wanders everywhere it can reach. Even it doesn’t stop when we are reading, studying or doing chores or cooking. It is also found that 10% of the time it travels around even, during having personal time with your partner! And most of those wandering moments, we cry deep inside to live those moments again or desire to relive them; which ultimately generate some unconscious sorrow deep down there. And psychologists claimed this is not good for human mind and health.

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From the last decade, psychologists ran scientific experiments over wandering mind. Among them, Daniel Gilbert in a science paper published in 2010 said that, “a wandering mind is an unhappy mind.” They also say, a mind belongs to a specific place, whenever it becomes wandering it carries sadness with it. If you can train your mind to be happy and content of moment –to- moment experience, only then you can have a happy smiling mind as a permanent company. Again, you may not be able to understand whether your mind is content or not but as time passes by a frame sticks on our mind which becomes a happy memory of us as they get nostalgic longing. Or, whenever you see anything or places, your mind starts to anticipate that how it would feel to be there. These anticipation or nostalgic memories form when you have new experiences, happy ones which give you a sweet smile later when your mind visits them in isolation every now and then. It tends to get better when you have better experiences, rather than having or possessing material things or buying things you love. Material things are less likely to sprinkle that sweet smile on your face which strongly does your experiences. That is why, psychologists suggests that, make new experiences whenever you can, so that your mind finds contentment lying in them later. An experimental study showed that expensive purchases makes mind happy, or should I say content, for a while but it soon loses its charm and mind goes back to its old track of wandering around. So if you want your mind to have content wandering destinations, you should have experiences that make you feel thrilled, joyous and contented.

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And this fight between possession and experience also leaves a similar effect in almost everywhere. That can be your personal life or professional. In another study of Gilovich, it was apparent that people who have lower salary than their peers but with a provision of a yearly vacation tends to have better performance and appears much happier than others at work.

It is not possible for us to have better experiences every time, even if you try to be damn positive with your fingers crossed. You might not be able to work everything out according to your long cherished plan. There is good news for those bad experiences too! You may not feel good about the thing right at that moment, but it becomes a good story later; obviously it depends on your outlook or reaction towards ups and downs of life. Its proven that, often bad or sad stories lighten up your further actions and they turns up as good as you ever wanted. So don’t stop yourself from making new stories every day. Give yourself a chance to tell great stories to your grandparents and laugh out real loud with happiness in your contented soul.