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Who does not want to remain young and lively even after his or her teen? Young and beautiful is the mostly sought answer to all your YouTube and Google searches! Yes, it is done by people all over the world and they all want to remain as beautiful and young like their days of teen. Here’s one simple solution to all those search engine questions on staying young and beautiful – Green Diet.

What is Green Diet?

Green diet is diet plan which is full of micro fiber and anti oxidants. Chinese doctors and Indian Ayurveda also emphasizes on the green diet as a source of potassium and calcium that builds the stem cells boosting youth and beauty. Green diet does not only refer to the green leafy vegs but also the vegs that are full of the nutrients like calcium, phosphorus and potassium.

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Green diet is no latest idea in the field of diet but invented and practiced over the years in distinct regions around the world. With the rising awareness in the field of healthy living, green diet has caught the eyes of the nutritionists around the world.


Functions of Green Diet:

Green diet boosts the metabolism in your body faster than any other diet plans! You go spending dollars on your nutritionist hoping that one day you will reach the BMI as per your wish, however, this dream seems to vanish every morning in a blink of an eye!

Here come’s green diet, full of healthy fat and calcium and several other fibers that allows you to burn fat and digest food faster. The best part of green diet is that, you can boost your metabolism with this diet plan even without your having to go to any gym!

Green diet takes care of your digestion leading to sound health and sound mind. If you are having constipation, this diet plan will help you get over this stress in the loo in the easiest way possible. Fruits that are also a part of this diet plan are proven to minimize your risk of constipation faster than any medicine!


How to Develop Your Customized Green Diet:

Green diet is no rigid form of diet but flexible and dynamic. The flexibility of including seasonal food items makes it friendlier to the diet concerns around the world. You can start your diet by including fresh fruits in your breakfast first. I personally like banana and peach or kiwi. You can try on fresh strawberry or raspberry. These are high in keratin that boosts your youth and makes you look beautiful. The fiber content allows you to digest it faster and have a healthy start for your day. Now, you can either keep having milk in the morning or cut on the dairy. If you have no skin problem that gets triggered with drinking milk, its recommendable that you stick to your regular dairy inclusion in the diet plan. Milk is a wholesome food that boosts your energy level keeping you young and energetic all the day long.

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After having your breakfast, you tend to get going with your day to day job and even forget drinking water! This causes you to have tiredness after 12pm in the noon. Remember, you need to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. This is a thumb rule for all the diet plans in general. Water content helps smooth the digestion and allows to stay hydrated. Around 10 – 11 am, have some smoothie. Now, you can make this smoothie late at night and keep it in the fridge or prepare it fresh in the morning. This smoothie should contain banana, carrot, spinach, kiwi and a pinch of salt. You can add some avocado here like me. This smoothie will make you feel refreshed again!

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At noon, along with having your regular intake of water, you can try having some fresh fruit juice as well. Then go for fresh salad for lunch. Freshly peeled avocado with spinach and watercress is a perfect combo for your green diet. Olive oil should be incorporated according to your taste. A pinch of salt can be added. End this meal with an apple.

Have your smoothie in the afternoon followed by another salad for dinner. You can have a fruit salad to replace your veg salad this time.