Engineering has always been a highly prestigious career option in India and across the world. The tremendous popularity that an engineering degree enjoys in India could be gauged from the huge number of engineering aspirants who sit for top class competitive exams for admission to best engineering colleges in different parts of the country.

With more emphasis on technological innovation and subsequently technological superiority, which will eventually lead to knowledge based economy, qualified engineers are in demand more than ever. A B. Tech in Dehradun in any discipline from best engineering college in Uttarakhand could be an enormously prestigious scroll that can open the floodgates of opportunities and rewarding career prospects for graduates.

However, before being blindsided by the glittering news of huge job opportunities for engineering graduates, it is important to understand that the truly great job prospects are present only for those who have attained their engineering degree from a well-known and reputable engineering college. There is no dearth of low grade engineering schools in India who have set shop to make some seriously good money in real quick time. A degree from an inferior engineering school is going to do little or nothing to advance your cause. Degrees issued in bulk by second-string colleges are devoid of any value with hardly any prestige attached to them. They do not carry any significant weight in the job market and reputable recruiters do not display any visible enthusiasm in hiring them.

In the following paragraphs we shall look at some of the important parameters that you need to pay close attention to gain admission in quality engineering college, which offers sound infrastructure, high level academic environment and top class placement opportunities. Paying attention to these factors will also help you settle down upon an engineering college that best suits your career aspirations and your skill sets

Admission policy followed by the school

Top engineering schools have strict admission procedure and criterions in place. Majority of them take into account your performance at intermediate level along with your marks in engineering competitive exams before offering you a chance to join their payroll. A good academic record along with good scores in competitive exam substantially brighten your chances of gaining admission in your engineering stream of choice in a top level engineering college.

Please remember that there is a huge difference between the admission policy and procedure of a high and low quality institute. The first works on the principal of rejection whereas the second works on the base of acceptance. Top level institutes are extremely picky and allow only the best to go through. Low level colleges on the other hand are only interested in adding to their bank balance and as such want to attract as many students as possible.