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Have you ever thought how the clothes we are wearing today came into this shape and look? Were these in this form from the very beginning or the fashion relating clothes evolved day by day just like the human evaluation? Fashion doesn’t only concern the clothing pattern or the various shapes or designs of it, but it is the most of what “fashion” means. Fashion, in simple words, is the total package of what we wear, the materials of the clothing, the accessories we use along with dressing, the cutting shapes and designs etc. As time passes by, the fashion also changes day by day. This fashion also varies from country to country or even within the country sometimes. Gender diversification, sexual orientation, age, occupation, income expenditure trend, location, social classification etc also plays a vital role in shaping the trend of fashion in a specific country. Again within a country you may notice different sort of styles due to religious orientation. All these facts have been shaping, converting, and directing the sense of clothing, thus fashion and style trend years after years.

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Despite of all the facts mentioned above, fashion designers work relentlessly to drive the fashion trends. When they launch any new fashion or style anywhere on earth, others like; media, newspapers, magazines, writers, critics and other fashion designers grab that new addition and modifies accordingly to create a flow of new style. Thus an absolutely new idea becomes a fashion and eventually becomes a trend.

Fashion trends from 1960s to present date have been a mesmerizing and creative journey in the industry. Its not like that there was no fashion sense among people before the 60s but there were slight changes and almost alike trends ruled the fashion world in the past. The mainstream fashion and styles started to change grossly in the second half of the twentieth century. In those days cultural background and political movements tended to shape fashion. After the hippies and counterculture movements started to take place, fashion trends changed overnight. Pocahontas style headbands and medallions around the neck became new trend among the dwellers. Invention of synthetic fabric also brought diversification in the industry.

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Later in 1970s the fashion of bell-bottoms started to pave the way of the trend. Hemlines and hot pants increased their popularity as well. Another flash in fashion was the blouses that women tend to wear with shoulders which spilled over the shoulders with lace works paired with jeans or skirts. This decade also had the popular disco fashion which included fitting and shiny clothes. Disco fashion was followed by antithesis and aggressive punk style later during this decade.

The highlighting fashion trend of 1980s were the padded shoulders which gave quite a prominent and sober look, was widely paired with oversized sunglasses. Later in 1990s floral patterns in men and women clothing was very noticeable. Brand clothes were a bit dispirited during this trend when people started to avoid upscale clothes and started to drive the trend wearing unfitted floral dresses pairing them with jeans pant and jackets with long hair. Plaid clothing and high platform shoes were also one of the popular outfits in late 90s.

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Then in 2000, there was a shadow of pieces of fashion from 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. There was a great blender in the industry and every “old fashion” seemed to trail back to some extent. Besides the old pieces, velour track suits, UGG boots and statement jewelry are out of the box trend. And almost all of us know the fashion changing story occurred after that. Lots of things from old days are coming back with much more glamour. Fashion these days is becoming gorgeous than ever it were in the past. Big hats, bell bottoms, oversized sunglasses, lingerie as outwear, sneakers are the statements of our glorious fashion trend of past half century.