If you are into hunting, you are likely to inspire yourself from some of the best hunters in the history. You may have started hunting as a hobby along with your father or your grandpa but when you talk about the professional hunting, things change. Here are few famous hunters in history.

Ben Lilly

Ben Lilly started hunting as a kid and he mastered the technique of tracking and hunting the bears as well as the cougars. At first, he was hunting in Louisiana wilds. There was a particular period in early 1900s when the US Government was looking for hunters. They hoped to get rid of the predators. Ben was among many hunters who responded to the call and made name for himself by killing hundreds of black bears.

Jack O’Connor

Many people will know Jack O’Connor for his work and writings that he did for the Outdoor Life Magazine. However, what many of you may not know is that he was a supreme hunter. He was notorious for killing the sheep. There are four wild species of sheep found in North America by 1946. O’Connor was the fourth person who killed three or more of all these 4 species which aided him in making a name for himself as a hunter.

Jim Corbett

When you will take a peek into the dangerous hunters, you will find Corbett there. He served as a colonel in the British Indian Army. He went to the areas where the wildlife was common. There were tigers and leopards all around who were known for killing the humans. So, he decided to take a shot at those who came to kill people and during the time span of 1907 to 1938, he hunted 19 tigers and 14 leopards. Later in his career, he became a conversationalist and pledged to kill only the ones who takes on the humans.

Iqbal Mauladad

Iqbal Mauladad, also known as Bali, was an African and a Professional Hunter. He was known for stepping into the woods and killing the dangerous and threatening animals. He went to take on the leopards and elephants in African territories. There are cases reporting of him being stuck in a stampede of elephants and getting mauled by a leopard. However, his patience and guts kept him alive. His record book is pretty and the work he did for his clients is also extravagant, earning him a spot in the legendary hunters.

Howard Hill

When you will get the list of best archers and bowhunters of all time, the Howard Hill can be seen in the high ranks. Inducted into the Bowhunting Hall of Fame, he took on Lions, Leopards and even Elephants long before the modern technology bows were introduced. In the time when killing big cars with bows was considered almost impossible, he was the man who did it!
So, these are few famous hunters in history. These people inspired plenty of hunters and will always be glorified for their work in the professional hunting industry.

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